Marketing is both art and science. A solid understanding of marketing is what helps win in a healthy competition. Fresher’s starting new companies or well known as start-ups blast major marketing professionals with questions which they suppose are basic knowledge requirement in marketing. Well, everyone has a point of learning new things. The agenda here is to bring in the guidelines and top-notch ideas and insights of marketing.

The word ‘Marketing’ is a business term, referring to the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. Marketing strategy is a long-term, forward-looking approach to planning with the fundamental goal of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. Management and marketing are all about authoritative and creative ability to manage.

The 7 principles or 7 Ps of marketing being product, price, promotion, place, packaging, positioning and people. The marketing concepts are Production concept, Product, Selling concept, Marketing concept and Societal marketing concept.

A new startup needs recognition, investment, good employees for better sales. Always keep the budget plan in one’s mind and take decisions on the marketing plan. All of which ideas talk about successful business marketing to sell, purchase, promote, and even deliver products and services.

Brilliant minds can think in a thousand unique ways for one problem’s solution. Similarly, there is a wondrous number of ideas and insights one can follow for a healthy business. All of which ideas talk about successful business marketing to sell, purchase, promote, and even deliver products and services. Also, these ideas have a few common factors.

Most of the ideas being, Overview, Public Relations, Audience, Advertisements, Social Media and Online Marketing, Mobile apps, Focus on Customers, Investment Marketing, Collaborations, Feedbacks and Reviews, etc. Development only comes after research. So do not skip the process of researching for better and genuine ideas.

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It is often helpful for one in the field of marketing if they have good public relations. ‘Audience’, a simple term that decides the future of a business. People have to be attracted and excited to the new product or service launch. More audience accounts for more scattering of information. The more, the merrier.

Advertisements are a healthy way of promotion. They can be in the form of videos or a printed paper giving details. Almost everyone owns a mobile and uses social media like Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. One could hire and make appropriate content and multimedia for the customers to view on social media platforms.

Promotions can be done with the help of actors, TV stars, or even politicians. It can be either word of mouth or simply set up a promotional event at a good place chosen at a city, where people like to hangout. Making fellow human beings who are pretty popular as brand ambassadors attract the attention of thousands of people. It is advised to make artists, sportsmen and people having the majority of popularity as brand ambassadors; they can help spread the word.

General conferences between the employees to discuss new ideas should always be encouraged. Other conferences could be between the consumers and employees or marketing specialists promoting and encouraging people to try the product or service. One best idea would be to form a club and recruit enthusiasts to help organize conferences, conclaves, or events. These events can have innovative games which help bring out the best of ideas.

Never use random pictures to define a product and ask the consumers to trust the company/brand. This often ends badly. Post multimedia that genuinely belongs to the company and that which is relevant to the commodity.

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Developing applications not only help for the purpose of marketing but also makes customers feasible to understand the commodity they chose to trust. Web pages and blogs open to the general public help people vent their ideas and critique.

Taking the risk of experimenting with new ideas and working on it can be fruitful, but it isn’t the case always. Taking risks is what a genuine entrepreneur would do. But do not work on hunches, work with genuine ideas that seem practical at least to few among all the people working at a company.

Never take one’s focus off the main agenda. The main agenda is to make customers satisfied. Investment Marketing helps achieve a good turn over for a company. Collaborations help in growing the company fast. Never oversee the reviews given. Always respond to queries and get back to consumers as soon as possible. As it were, most companies follow these basics and, working and coming up with new ideas based on these as pillars are what bringing them adequate sales and success.

A set of guidelines or a set of instructions have to be followed for the smooth flow of the processes involved in marketing. Following do’s and don’ts is recommended.

Never steal them from anyone else. This refers to information that is to be displayed to the public or new ideas. Do not miss out on any details. Spend wisely. Take feedbacks and analyze. Consumer feedbacks are very important as they tell us about how the product is to be improvised.

Do not rely on the previous year or period status or result, build up new ideas or work on the same as last periods’. Do not take a decision thinking it did not work last time. That’s because the previous period’s idea might work this time. But do not rely on hunches either. Work it out by analyzing the data collected.

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Focus on customer needs. Study the market and invest. Use the present technology and social media services for friendly campaigning and promotion. Do not forget about Email Marketing, which has got the present hype. Search optimizations can also come in handy.

Do create websites and blogs for consumers’ feasibility but do not misuse multimedia. The consumers do not like to be lied at. Provide with genuine information. The real deal of any successful business would be to come up with innovative ideas and insights.

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