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Someone who isn’t working permanently for a company but is hired by different organizations to accomplish their task is known to be a freelancer and the job that he undertakes is freelancing. For instance, there may be many companies who maintain websites and blogs but an owner may not have the time to blog yet needs his customers to interact with him and be aware of what is happening with his company. The owner hires a freelancer who writes for his websites but his name isn’t disclosed. Writing articles is not the only type of freelancing job that is available. Jobs such as graphic designing, photography, musicians, language translators, interpreter’s, virtual assisting, etc. are some of the other jobs. Some years back when people used to look forward to having full time jobs there seems to be a drastic change in this thought as they now seem to look forward to making money from the comforts of their home or working on their will and the time they like.

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