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Many people are unaware of the fact that they themselves are the powerhouse. The mind they use in the office, gossiping, watching movies, driving a car and reading a newspaper; the same mind they can use to gain the indomitable self-healing power. But, due to a lack of self-awareness, the connection between mind and body is missing. As a result, being blind from mental eyes, they keep stumbling upon here and there around the corridors of the hospital cursing their luck and god.

Doctors can’t give one tablet to address all the needs of the body, Right?

One person can’t consume hundreds of tablets to address the hundreds of needs of the body, Right?

Does it mean a long and healthy life comes from good luck?

Or is it a blessing of God?

The solution to all major health problems is one and only; that is self-healing power which resides silently in human bodies.

Rekindle your self-healing power before it is too late. Scroll down to fire up your extinguished lighthouse.

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