Introduction to Lean SalesYour entire business is lean. Does that entire include the sales department? No? Well, you need to gear up and bring lean methodology to your sales team soon in order to make your business more prosperous. Many industrialists believe that sales team does not require lean principles, but if your whole firm is working together under one mantra, why keep the sales one deprived of it?

This book comprises of total five chapters which guides you step by step about lean sales. This is very much suitable for industrialists who are left with the only sales team to go lean. This book isn’t too lengthy or hard to comprehend. In fact, it is a comprehensive series, which is not only short but very easy to understand too. It discusses the following topics listed as follows:

The selling crisis
The basics
What is lean selling
How come a sale is different from other lean departments?
How to make Lean Six Sigma works in sales?
Example from real life
Different projects
Top ten secrets of lean sales
The need of “lean thinking” in sales department

Read out the details of these topics and at the end, you will yourself realize that you have learned enough to implement lean ideology to your sales department. This is a complete guide which provides you with sufficient context to make you knowledgeable about lean sales.

Read on and you won’t regret!

40 Pages / $2.99

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