history of lean movementGot an assignment on Lean Movement? Looking for sufficient material to write a useful yet to the point assignment?

Heard of Lean from your friend? Wondering how amazing it is which has made your friend so successful? Want to have a similar status of your business but first want to know about the origin of it?

Or just curious about who came up with the idea of Lean?

This book, “History of Lean Movement” is what you need if any of the above cases applies to you. This comprehensive yet up to date course is enough to get to know about the lean movement.

This book begins the narration of lean movement in the past decades and moves along gradually, reaching its current status.

This course book entirely upon Lean Movement discusses the following topics:

Origination of lean movement
Contribution of different people to it
A detailed discussion on lean manufacturing
Lean and the Six Sigma
The seven wastes
Benefits of going lean
And lastly current status of lean movement

Read on and discover yourself how an idea which came into being in the 80s made its way through all these years and is still standings strong. Facing all those rises and falls; coming across all the criticism yet managed to stay popular enough and ready to be accepted by many even in the present time.

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