lean financial model audiobookThe financial services quarter has been a straggler in implementing lean tools and exercises, possibly for the reason that of their industrializing origins. But those approaches are slowly altering. As more banks find out the paybacks of lean processes such as minor costs, lesser errors, quicker cycle eras and far better competences wide-scale acceptance by the industry is just a subject of time. But old habits often die hard, and slowly.
Keeping this scenario in mind, this book “Introduction to Lean Financial Model” has been fashioned in a very organized as well as understandable manner which is very easy for a reader to grasp; especially the ones for whom this topic is totally new.

In this book you will come across all the important aspects which are discussed in sequence. These include the following:

The lean start-up
Lean Financial Model
What is required to start a lean financial model?
Top 9 highlights of lean financial model
Completing lean financial model
An example of how to create lean financial model
What makes financial model simpler than you think

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