Introduction to Java
The various industries in the IT sectors have moved towards an advanced level of diversification which now lays emphasis on the fact that the current programming style should not be limited to a single PC only and instead it should be expanded from a single user to mainframe environment, to the network and proceeding further to the network of networks environment. Alternatively, it can be said that a single giant program can be developed through the means of mini-programs, which have been developed by different geographically located programmers that, too, via an online medium. In the present scenario, such a language and programming environment has come to exist seemingly and it is Java, which is a type of Internet programming language which has made it possible to access the entire world from any corner around the globe.
Java is a type of programming language that has been designed and developed by James Gosling and his team consisting of members, namely Mike Sheridan and Patrick Naughton, in the year 1995 for the company Sun Microsystems for a variety of electronic devices like television, set-top boxes, etc.  The entire team of James Gosling was collectively known as the Green Team.
Java is a cross-platform, object-oriented, and a multi-purpose programming language which was developed to be a machine-independent web technology. This programming language was based on C and C++ language syntax, which made it easy for programmers to learn this language. Since then, Java has constituted to become one of the essential machine languages in the field of computer programming.
The use of Java programming language has been found in a variety of fields which has been enumerated as follows:
Retail: The different billing application which is found in the retail stores or restaurants have been designed and written in the Java language.
Banking: Java programming language helps in dealing with the process of management of transactions.
Android: Android applications are designed with the help of Java language or Java API.
Information Technology: In this field, the Java language is used for solving the implementation dependencies.
Financial Services: In this field, it is used in server-side applications.
Big Data: The Java language has been used for writing the Hadoop MapReduce framework.
Stock Market: The Java language is used for writing algorithms that would help them in deciding the company in which they should make probable investments.
Scientific and Research Community: It helps them in handling large amounts of data.
Apart from the aforementioned, Java programming language is used in the field of Web Development for Continuous Testing, Framework purposes, etc.
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