Sooner or later, everyone hits by sickness; some manage to overcome their illness and some lose their survival fight to the ailment. At this, some questions may lit up in the mind: why is it so that some people manage to overcome their disease, not all? Why is it so that one person of the family frequently gets into the diseases despite having as same meals as other family members have? Why is to so that some people live long and some die early from various types of ailments? Why do some rich people lead a dull life, in spite of having all the luxuries and expensive resources? Why is it so that some extremely poor people lead a peaceful and live long? After all, what does make different among people? What do they do who spend the most rewarding and healthy life? Such questions haunt everyone.

Human bodies are naturally designed to live for between 90 – 100 years or even more. On the contrary to it, at present, people are passing away so early. All the above question may have multiple answers, but the one major and decisive factor which makes different in the quality of people’s life is the self-healing power owns by every human in the world.

There is one famous saying, “All that glitters is not gold”: it means everything that looks valuable and worthy, does not always prove as good or valuable as it appears. Similarly, if someone looks strong and healthy at first glance; it does not necessarily mean that he or she would be equally strong from the inner side.

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Human body is a hub of chemicals and emotions which play a very significant role in the smooth function and process of the different body parts. Alone having a good diet is not enough to strengthen the immunity; a healthy mind is as important as a healthy diet. Mind has the ability of imagination, planning, recognition, examining, memorization, thinking good and bad.

Strong and powerful mind leads to having muscular immunity and muscular immunity determines the quality of self-healing power. The mind is like a magnet; it always attracts some things and repels to some things. Now it is in the hand of the user to teach mind the things to which it should attract and the things which it should repel to.

The most common thing among all the people across the world, who lived a beautiful and healthy life, is that their mind used to attract happiness, love, peace, positivity, harmony and repel to negativity, envious, anxiousness.

Modern science has also confirmed that positive thought stimulates some chemicals known as Endorphins, Serotonin and BDNF in mind that help to grow mind and body stronger. These chemicals are those which do wonders in body, even without letting you feel it.

To obtain and maintain the good level of self-healing power is as simple as seating in the chair or going to the market. All you have to do is just feel good, think good and believe in good health. Similarly, while exchanging a glance with other people: always wear a smile on lips; modesty in eyes; kindness in the face; wish them prosperity and success in their life. In return, hopefully, you will get responses in the same coin. The theory behind being kind and compassionate to other people is what we see through eyes and hear through ears; directly leave a positive impression on the mind; mind goes one step further and turns up the impression into an image of well being and healthy. After some repetition of having well being and healthy impressions, the mind begins to consider it as the command and starts to work to turn the imagination into reality. For mind, the beauty of nature, sweet songs and aromas, positives thoughts, feeling of bliss, calmness, sugary words, visualization and a healthy diet are vital things. Besides it, take some time for meditation and exercise. Mediation is an art to bring up the mind and body altogether. It is also considered a formidable tool to control all the senses of the mind and streamline the thought process.

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Sometimes disease does not give a second chance to the victim or even not a time to cure it. So, the surest way to enjoy life to the fullest is to get ready in advance to fight off both mental and physical illness. Spending money on fun and hobbies is far better than losing it on getting expensive treatment and medicines to overcome the disease.

Expensive and less substantial therapies can’t guarantee any good to come in any form. All the resources are within you; just explore and discover true self-being of yours. Moreover, the fictional study of planets; external material things to use or wear; weird eating practice; don’t bear fruits. Self-healing does not lie in the outer world; it is the combined product of body interior and balanced lifestyle. An ideal lifestyle neither means to have fun all the time, nor it means to engage in gruesome labor too. Embrace the medium path because excessive of anything is bad for mind and body too.

The amazing thing is that not only nature but animals and botanical things also hold self-healing powers. For ages, humans have been striping the nature of the minerals, lands, clean water and air, flora and fauna & animals. But, still, nature is serving us as good as earlier. However, the initial symptoms of destruction have emerged.

Maybe that is the reason why the earth has been successful to survive till today against all odds. But, everything has a limit; humans must stop to take the test of nature’s patience; otherwise, if the nature’s self-healing power comes to an end, then humanity doomsday will be irresistible.

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