The business world has been complex and the trade has always created a situation of debts and delays in payments or inability in payments. This has created a world where cruelties existed. The Term ‘bankruptcy’ did not exist in the ancient world but was first recognized or uses was in the year 1542. It becomes a well-used term within countries as the trade flourished. The modern form of law and the dealing of ‘bankruptcy has evolved and has seen many changes over its course. The crash course on bankruptcy is designed to allow the students in the law field or business field to get acquainted with the process. The course is extensive and contains a lot of information and comparison. Since bankruptcy is a status which is lawfully recognized it is relevant that the whole process is undertaken as per the requirements.

The course aims at covering major important areas like understanding the condition if there is an alternative involved, how the proves should be undertaken etc. The idea is to provide the students as much information as will be relevant to them in case a situation arises.

The course is not designed for everyone and is specific to individuals who have a background in law or accounting and wants to understand the situation better. It is not a normal business situation and the whole knowledge will be used in special cases. It, however, does not mean that the content is not important and that the students should not focus on them.

The course is designed with an aim to not just provide laws around the condition but also enable the students to be able to take strategic decisions. The course has content heavy topics and then combines it with case studies and examples to let the students be aware of the overall picture. The students who will be opting for the course will have to sit for an assessment at the end of the course. The successful completion of the assessment will allow the students to earn the certificate of completion. It must be understood that the course is just acknowledgment of knowledge and not a substitute for a law degree.

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The course aim is to allow the students to be confident in the situations and take strong business decisions. The crash course is not to be confused with a degree as it is not. Many institutes keep the content of the course aligned to the law courses to ensure the quality but is are no way intending to make a replica of them. The short course is designed for students who wish to learn about the smaller content and who cannot be a part of the law school or degree due to other commitments.

The crash course is tailor-made attempt to cater to the increasing need of knowledge about the topic and has been making efforts to keep at par with the full-time degree courses.

Since the business world is dynamic and requires knowledge on all different field the popularity of the course is increasing at a fast-pace.

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