Concentration and memory work together but don’t lead each other. Concentration is related to focusing on any activity, subject, or problem using mental powers. Wherein, memory is the ability to remember the experience, people, and information. Improvement of memory strength is very important. This can be done by trying something new every time. Brain muscles also need something challenging to grow their muscles. The brain needs to be constantly challenged by giving new tasks and learning a new skill. It is significant to give a new task to the brain out of the comfort zone and learning new things. New things can be anything like learning a new language or playing a new instrument. To increase concentration, there are many tested and tried techniques as well. Like the Pomodoro technique. The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method in which timer breaks down into work intervals normally 25 minutes in length separated into short breaks. The method is very good for those who easily get distracted and due to this, unable to complete the task. If a person wanted to finish the task then this technique is very useful and practical. With full focus, one can complete the task as per the timer set and can enjoy the break as well simultaneously. It doesn’t require any high-level tools or equipment. The only tools required for this method is paper, pencil, and a mechanical timer.

Green time and Break time both play a vital role in concentration. Greenery is considered to be best to develop the brain in both children and adults. To improve the ability to concentrate and attention span, it is important to get the dose of green time. Adding greenery around the house or in the office gives a positive impact on the brain. It boosts concentration and increases brain strength. The presence of green surroundings gives mental satisfaction, improved air, and better clarity. Along with greenery, if some music is also added, then it will be the best. Music can be of any type, but it is best to have some soft light music that will not distract the work or task. Break time is required to concentrate on work. Break from the email notification, message notification, and social media too. Cell phone notification should be silent or in the vibrating mode as the beep or ring tone can, for sure, distract during work as it raises the curiosity of what it is. The human brain has limited capacity and it should be not wasted in these unwanted notifications. On the same hand, it is also important to take a break to relax the body and mind. Plan the day and plan the task, in this way life will be more organized. Eating the same thing every day makes our taste and hunger unhappy and kind of boring. Similarly doing the same task every day will not help in growing the brain capacity. Along with daily task give the brain something extra like playing video games, solving puzzles or crossword. This will improve reasoning, memory, and attention.

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Mental exercise and Physical exercise both can be done to improve the brain and concentration. ABCD analysis is a well-known practice in which one can align the task as per the priority and urgency. First, complete the task that is urgent and important, then task that is important but not urgent, then task that is urgent but not important, and lastly complete the task that is neither urgent nor important. Along with physical exercises, choice of lifestyle and dietary supplement are also important. Staying active, taking care of the well-being, and eating concentration-boosting foods helps towards improving concentration. Walnut, avocado and chocolate are well known to increase the ability to concentrate. The good physical condition helps to perform better on any task as they are filled with confidence. Exercise improves blood flow and a good flow of blood helps the brain to function properly. One should exercise at least 75 minutes to 225 minutes per week to increase the ability to concentrate. Doing yoga every day for 25 minutes can help to enhance goal-directed behavior.

Brain’s health decides how strong memory can be. It needs to be growing and rising. Brain exercise helps to break the routine and accepts the challenge by developing new brain pathways. Mental activities boost the mind and improve memory. Doing something that requires mental effort are the best brain-boosting activities. When tough activities start making the person comfortable, then it is the right time to take another challenging task. It is also necessary to choose an activity that is enjoyable and satisfying to the brain.

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Getting a proper amount of sleep is as important as eating healthy food. An adult should have a minimum of 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep at night. There should not be any compromise on sleep. Lack of sleep creates lots of trouble and can become the reason for depression too. Most of the development in the body and brain happens when we are asleep. Make a routine of going to bed and getting up. While going to bed, avoid all electronic devices.

Having friends to talk and share emotion and laugh is also a kind of exercise for the brain. Spending time with friends and having fun with them also have cognitive benefits. Anxiety and depression are enemies for the body and brain. Stress is responsible for brain loss. And the best way is meditation. It can help to get rid of all physical and mental ailments like diabetes, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure. Meditating regularly makes the left prefrontal cortex of the brain more active.

A mnemonic device technique also helps to remember information. There are many different types of mnemonic, depending on what is to learn and correlate. E.g., Knuckle mnemonic is used to remember the number of days in the month.

Making changes in what a person eats will help in increasing memory and focus. An omega-3 fatty acid is one of the compounds which need to be included in the diet. It is highly found in fish and fish oil supplements. Avoiding sugar is also a great thing for health. High glucose level affects the connectivity function of the brain and becomes the reason for the brain to shrink. A healthy balanced weight is necessary to give less pressure to the brain. A person with a higher body mass index has the worst performance in the memory test. Unhealthy body weight increases the risk of memory loss and learning problems. Many brain-boosting foods can be included in daily routine like green tea, broccoli, chocolate, turmeric, blueberries and many more.

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