Speed learning is a method of learning where higher rates of learning are attained through various techniques along with enhancing the rate of comprehension level and retention. Various techniques are employed to accelerate this process, and the techniques are used from the ancient times. For example, Mnemonics is one such very useful speed learning technique that exists from the ancient time while forgetting curves is another popular technique introduced in recent times. Several methods have come up with time that encompass quality learning with a higher rate of understanding and retention level.

Speed learning is closely related to speed reading and speed listening. But, speed learning requires the human brain to employ many other factors such as observation, listening, conversation, reflection and questioning.

Human brain is capable of capturing and retaining vast amount of information. But, that requires time. Speed learning is the process to train human brain to absorb vast amount of information in lesser time. The recent techniques are definitely useful for speed learning but there is also a secret to that. According to the educational experts, text-only information is a bit difficult to remember but when the same information is combined with images, pictures and emoticons, it can be absorbed much quickly and retained for a longer time.

Here are three small stories that speak this very clearly.

According to the educational expert Michael Tipper, when an information is presented colorfully using maps, colors, activities and pictures, it easily captures brain’s attention. So, he stated that the key to remember and grab new information lies in the presentation of the information.

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Another story tells that new thing can be learned through games, music and flashcards as well. This is how the Speed school program in Ethiopia is teaching children in lesser time. They teach children who have never been to school using music, games and flashcards and this has worked really well for them.

Another form of learning is through the workshop. A learning fair conducted in Lyon, France offers people a 20-minute workshop in science, arts, DIY, etc. to teach new subjects quickly. According to them, creative presentation along with great activities helps human brains to capture and remember things much simpler way.

Learning happens through various forms. So, it is not just limited to reading textbook rather learning is possible using visual sense as well. The various forms of learning include:
Smartphone and

Computer is the best example of learning through the visual sense. But, this requires the auditory sense also. So, watching along with listening is highly important to make learning visually successful. Some apps like YouTube allow users to set the speed from the settings menu. This is a great benefit that allows learning at the required speed. However, not all apps offer this advantage. So, it’s better to avoid those apps that can’ be played at a higher rate than normal rate.

Smartphone as a device of learning is useful for all those who want to learn on the go. It is useful for those who want to make use of every single moment.

Textbook is the best form of learning but it requires patience and time as well. Learning only through a textbook in this modern era is a bit different, but still, it helps when text is combined with colorful stuff.

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Here are some bonus tips for speed learning:

Having a growth mindset is one of the keys to speed learning. Human being learns better from mistakes. So, mistakes should be taken in a positive way. Fixed mindset does nothing but creates discouragement upon failure while a growth mindset has the capability to embrace mistakes and learn from it.

Result is definitely important but more focus should be into the process.

Learning becomes enjoyable and interesting when it is done in an interesting way. So, it should be fun, interesting and enjoyable at the same time.

Human brain can pick up new things easily and quickly if given a break-off and on. So, reading or listening to something at a stretch is not the only way to learn faster. Rather, a 5 minutes break in between allow human brains to capture and retain things easily.

Just learning is not enough instead it is equally important to retain the captured information in memory for longer. Learning is actually hard but retaining is harder. But, surprisingly, brain can remember all the surprising and important information easily. Human being tends to forget things easily if the stored information is not relevant, not clarified properly and not interactive. Forgetting Curve is one such term that depicts how stored information is lost from human brain if no attempt is made to retain it. The level of retention varies with people and it depends on various factors including the memory strength. But, this forgetting curve can be combat easily through a few steps. For example, when reading or learning something, there should be clarity about the new subject. Also, the newly acquired stuff should be made highly interactive and relevant to improve the retention level. Forgetting curve is a 100 years old theory that has been used by the psychologists and educational experts for long.

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In order to learn things faster, all those emotions like fear and anxiety should be removed first. It also requires perfect scheduling to make the learning process much simpler. But, at the same time factors like unexpected interruption should be considered as well.

Speed learning can be made much simpler taking the big five’s of learning into consideration. The Big Five’s of learning are:
Discussing or speaking about the topic
Listening and

For example, joining the study group, forum and discussing about the newly learned things, listening to podcast on the same topic or related topics, writing up summaries of that subject etc. are the stuff that can help in speed learning. These approaches are very useful to gain a fresh perspective of a particular discipline or subject.

Would you like to read more about this topic? This book might interest you: Speed Learning: How To Improve Your Learning Capacity.