Oliver Napoleon Hill, an American self-help author, termed the ingredients of the Sixth Sense as the 13th Step towards prosperity, and he truly believed it. Through this conviction, he is not isolated though many more personalities believe in the sixth sense factor. At one point of time claiming that the Sun simply stays static and that the Earth is the one that circles the Sun was ample for the church to mark it delusional and persecution was the order of the day. Wanting to believe it was reasonable to deliver speeches through a piece of a microphone and be heard utilizing a wire or even the air frequency was nothing more than to be called a deranged state of mind and people doing so were largely ridiculed at chapels of worship. So why is it so difficult to accept that the most invincible system that all are familiar with. That is, the human brain is unable to transmit thoughts to all and sundry? Even because it’s not yet demonstrated or established how to recognize and grow the sixth sense, it’s no excuse to mock about the theory and throw it in the bin.

Can’t anyone think of anyone people have been dreaming about observing in years just to run into or learn from that person later that day or week? Do people do not have the gut feeling that has just been over-powered that has proved to be true? When people assume that the “sixth sense” is nonsensical or not real, they are locking away a rather useful resource that would be accessible to everyone. Possessing a broad mind and considering all of the information available is much easier. Not only should one be open to the chance, but through meditation and training, one must strive to improve the sixth sense. Also, one should dominate and examine the emotions and thought processes, and search for the context underlying them. One should relax the body at night before going to bed, keeping the eyes closed, one must imagine himself talking to the individual or people who has an important place in human life. One can visualize Imagine having a conversation with those individuals about what’s happened during daily activities, about ensuing plans, and any other sphere of topics to be asked for valued suggestions.

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This technique serves a variety of purposes; it enhances human creativity and visualizing abilities; it improves the potentials to evaluate the day and plans for the future. It helps develop the elements of concentration, and it unlocks the mindset to the avenues of the sixth sense. People realize that there would be masses that leaf through this article and smile and shrug their shoulders as if this were all insane ideas, but they are the same individuals who would have grinned at the idea of the all-round exposure of telephone, radio, and television. These are the very people who think the moon landings have been fabricated and do not trust in themselves or others for that matter. One should keep an open eye and try the sixth sense to excel on a vast scale. Whether it is named it a gut feeling, fate, or measured opportunities, to succeed on a big stage, he must be accessible to this sixth sense. Human reasoning or cognitive capacity is recognized by the common name viz., Sixth Sense, which separates man from other creatures on the planet. Man has made considerable strides on all boundaries. He has also developed self-demolition techniques such as toxic chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons.

To defend against natural disasters such as earthquakes, avalanche and, so on, no simple and effective solutions have been deciphered. The sixth sense has of late taken on a new identity known as Artificial Intelligence. But the human brain’s abilities continue to be fully known. Because of this extraordinary progress in brain activities, amazing rewards have generated. The following sixth sense features have an impact on human life:

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Self-dignity and rapacity: A person feels contented and satisfied with himself for some accomplishment or special attributes that he possesses. While increasing the frequency of these qualities, he builds a tendency to manipulate and influence others. Many individuals claim to be a torchbearer within a short period while depending on their vanity, but without any conscious effort. When self-pride emerges as ego, an individual behaves atypically, causing hate and attracting other people’s animosity.

Freedom: The human brain catering to creation and enjoyment chooses individual identity and independence. Any reasonable person dislikes slavery and deprivation. Free will has been deemed the absolute right to do anything, wherever and whenever, because it contributes to unencumbered words and acts.

Freedom: Any freedom that is governed by moral principles is, therefore, preferable. The irony is that the person sets the limits and guidelines for controlling motion through confined lands.

Neglecting the nature: With the growing influence of sixth sense, new possibilities such as science and technology are conceivable. Indiscriminate generation and exploitation of nature are in the fray with the advancement such as hybrids, cloning, genetic modification, and infant test tube techniques. Man engages in artificial decoration such as makeup, jewelry, plastic surgery, etc. He is more concerned with disguising age by medications and cosmetic surgery. Animal and bird domestication is performed to satisfy human self-interests.

Humour element: Reasoning strength also tends to appreciate the positive aspects of life, but many people are leading a life that is devoid of pleasure. They also despise invigorating themselves and are engrossed in too many preoccupations and commitments. The human mindset is too stressed and seeks faster results.

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Deferral and suspension: The human mind also gets trapped when facing complex and intense circumstances. When people are caught up in a queue of traffic, they get annoyed and start whining about the sluggish traffic control. The mind immediately goes blank and does not consider detours to hit the destination.

Element of conscience: The essence of the human soul exists only in the sixth sense. It is the subconscious component that alerts man to minimize the degree of errors and move in the right direction. Indeed this characteristic separates man from the other species.

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