One of the most important skills that we have never been taught in our schools is “learning how to learn”. Most of us have progressed most of our lives without this essential knowledge. Even if we have been told that highlighting, summarizing, rereading, etc. are the basic techniques that help us learn, we have never been taught any proven, solid, or research-backed techniques. All of these are merely handed down through generations, and due to the rapidly evolving nature of knowledge these days, these techniques have proved almost unproductive.

Contrary to popular belief, “learning” can be an acquired skill, and, like in all other walks of life, it requires practice and patience. With today’s rapidly changing global environment, knowledge is constantly evolving, unfolding, and increasing. It is vitally important to stay abreast with the latest developments in one’s field to even just ensure mere survival. Getting to the top, however, requires constant effort along with a coherent, target-oriented, and focused approach. “Learning” skills can hone your mind to consistently stay sharp and can facilitate you in capturing as well retaining all that is required for longer durations of time. This in turn will manifest itself as increased personal efficiency and much more enhanced productivity.

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