In 1607, first colony was formed in Jamestown, Virginia. In order to get relief from the various persecution of religions, People felt an escape in this newly found world. This had proved that the country had a great urge for the peace in respect of faith and the religious beliefs. The people of the colony didn’t have a choice earlier to have their own faith and religious belief. It was with the formation of the first colony, that the country had gained the independence for the religion to be followed. In 1620, Pilgrims founded, Plymouth which is located in Massachusetts. The main motive to start trading was the importance of wool in business world. The people all over had the new system of money and trading with the currency. The importance of earn a livelihood was gaining the awareness among the native. The traders all over had a great influence over the market that targeted the trade practices of the country.

The people realized that the wool of the sheep is more valuable than the agriculture products. In no time, the farms were converted into the pasture for sheep’s. Resulting into the lack of food. European wanted to acquire as much colonies as was possible for them. The English colonies formed were in real sense just a business ventures. The division of Atlantic Seaboard as northern and southern gave rise to establishment of the colonies. London Company was given the southern part and Plymouth Company got the northern part. The business trade had grown with the passing time the major occupation which was agriculture converted into the services in no time. The agricultural produce was being imported to the country in a large country and the major food became the meat of animals. The local grown food was not able to meet the demand of the colonies and people started enjoying the meat and animal products as the result.

The year 1587 saw the first colony which included ninety-one men, seventeen women and 9 children which were by Sir Walter Raleigh and got settled on the island of Roanoke. But, by 1590 they all got vanished and it is still an unsolved mystery that what led to their disappearance. This is one of the major mystery that has given rise to many myths. The London Company in 1606, sent one hundred and forty-four men to Virginia on three ships namely the Discovery, the Godspeed and the Susan Constant. With their successful reach to Chesapeake Bay in the spring of 1607, they got settled down in a town named Jamestown. They faced terrible days, all the time looking for gold and escaping main meals. The exploration was done to satisfy the gold diggers ignoring the human values. The requirement of providing basic amenities were absent and more greed for the money was noticed. It was all to get the valuable exportable good. The efforts made were useless and the explorer who had later settle down in the country had to search for some other resource too, for survival in long run. It was the time they started the farming of Tobacco. The year 1616, taught them to survive by growing Tobacco and that was the survival instinct for the colonists. In Virginia, in 1619, the concept of Slavery started especially pointing out at the African Slavery.

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In 1632, The Province of Maryland which allowed Catholic settlement and became the first colony to do that. The land was named after the queen and was granted twelve million acres of land, at the highest point of Chesapeake Bay to Cecilius Calvert. The main occupation was farming of Tobacco. It was more like Virginia but had several differences too. One major difference was the religious toleration, Virginia was having Catholic as a majority as its founder, Lord Baltimore was a Catholic.

Later in 1636, the Connecticut Colony, Colony of Rhode Island, and Providence Plantation all were founded. The New Haven Colony got recognition in 1637. The Delaware was established in 1638 with the settlement by Swedish people in the colony. The Province of Carolina was established in 1663. Later, in 1664, New Netherland was captured by the Britishers and establishment of province of New York took place. Delaware was the first to become an English Colony. In 1670, Charleston, Carolina was Founded. In 1681, William Penn got the charter for Pennsylvania. The rich soil and the rich culture that evolved in this region particularly was recognized as the most influential shaping factor of the history of America.

The exploration started with the aim to provide the wealth got the shape of the colonies, as they focused on the aim to convert the ruling into the powerful victory over the land. The various founder had been maximizing their own wealth and targeting to create their own culture. The occupation that was adopted in starting was the result of the resources and knowledge that was available to the rulers. The country had many inventions too in that period. The growth opportunity in the land of America was gaining popularity since the successful trade practices created milestones.

The most special aspect of Colonial America has highlighted ahead. The number one is the fact that Pilgrim was the minority aboard the Mayflower. The reason behind the compact that was signed by all of them was deep enough. The Separatists (Pilgrims were better known as separatists) were afraid, the people all over were migrating to their land. The separatists being minority had a thought regarding them being dominated by an outsider in their own land. The concern was a fact because they were very few in number as compared to the people who had moved in from the different parts of the world.

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Squanto, who had taught the Pilgrims to survive in the early days of Plymouth colony was considered a kind soul. Squanto was a slave in early life and later returned back to America by escaping from his last owner. When Squanto returned back the colony and every person had vanished due to an epidemic. The incident left Squanto all alone, Squanto later started teaching the Pilgrims about the survival instinct Squanto had learned. The religious freedom that European were seeking was the direction what to do in life. The Performa to attend a particular church and follow the priest were common those days. The French-Spanish attack was an example of the religious war that was initiated in the region and had taken life of two hundred men during that time. The laws were framed focusing on the religion. The punishments that were decided always considered the religion first and also the native was banished as a result of punishment. Every colony had its own law and order. The common point among those law was that the religion and religious belief are to be followed blindly. The freedom for religion was not available. The religion was forced upon the people and they had to follow the rules as punishments were very harsh.

The worst practices that were adopted by the countrymen all focused upon the myths that were spread among the people in name of religion. The people around the world had many expectations from the business opportunity that everyone saw in American colonies. The diversity on the basis of the beliefs created a havoc and the country demanded independence as a result. But it was a way too far. The country was under the control of Spanish, Europeans, and Britishers for more than two centuries. The import and export, migration of people all over the world and the main point was the possibility of flourishment? American had many competitors and enemies but they never looked back. The colony that was first established vanished in no time but after that the whole country flourished. The efforts that were sincere and were treated as a successful survival strategy created many examples and theories for others.

The country that had a temperature which varied all over, a culture that was diverse and just had one thing same all over was the adoption of growth and encashing opportunities. The major challenges were the value for human life, breaking the myth created all over, creating a unified system of law, making people realize unity in diversity, pushing towards the openness to respect one another religion and breaking down the bad practices of killing women live on the partial opinion of considering them a witch. The journey has been tough for the people who founded these colonies as they faced unfavourable climatic conditions and many human lives were lost in order to survive the water-route. The country had thirteen colonies in number and the first was formed and was magically gone. But, that is not a part of the thirteen to be accounted as colony. The first one was a settlement of a community that could not survive an epidemic and just left with no sign behind. America was not a place to spend holidays, it had tough climatic conditions and the land was shared by many wildlife’s that were dangerous to human life. Every colony had a founder and a ruler. The neighbouring countries would send people to explore America and later would establish their own colony. The growth was achieved by the country and was able to understand the importance of the value that natural resources motherland had.

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The founding fathers of America included George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, John Jay and Alexander Hamilton. Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743, in Albermarle County, Virginia. Thomas signed the declaration of independence in 1776 along with other founding fathers of the American constitution. Thomas was son to a brave father, Thomas never sacrificed his moral for anything. American have a legacy set by Thomas, when time required his support for his family, he stood by his father and made all his efforts to provide him justice. Each personality which is considered as founding father is one of their own kind. The life is a full success made up of hardships that they faced.

The life of every American was influenced by the efforts of these legends. The ultimate target to attain the independence was not a selfish step but was selfless as volunteered for the coming generation. The freedom fighters wanted to pay back to their motherland by making it free from the unwanted rule by others. The things were yet to be done, the efforts were yet to be made against French, Indian, Spanish and English. The work for attaining a free world was in progress with many other targets as well.

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