A quick overlook of advertising and marketing. How it is an inseparable part of each business nowadays. Advertising’s basic definition, the dynamics of advertisement. Starting from the scratch about how the whole process of an ad goes, the things that go into a simple ad that we watch every day on our television or mobile phone. Decisions that are made for every advertisement, the process of building a good ad out of nothing. Various techniques to be used in various kind of ad on different media platforms. How advertising affects the product and company? How effective it is for increasing the selling of a product or a service. All of this is briefly explained, to get a general idea of working of advertisement which has become a whole different sector in this century.

The sector has grown and evolved a lot, especially in last decade. All the new branches, sections, and professions in advertising has expanded its scope a lot. It has started happening in both commercial and non-commercial sectors.

An ad must be in a perfect layout only then it can be catchy and effective on the public. The perfect headline, body, slogan, visualization etc matter a lot in an ad and the order in which you put all these elements matter a lot as well.

Visualization is individually a huge part of an ad, it is the most influencing part of an advertisement. If the visuals are good, then it would help create a great image of the product in consumer’s mind. A positive image means higher chances of selling the product. A good illustration grabs more attention than a catchy headline or slogan. Visuals are the first impression of a product in the viewer’s mind and that is why a lot of thought should go into the visuals of an ad. The colors used in visuals of an ad must be chosen carefully and the representation should be nice and clean to make it more attractive and suitable for the audience. Every advertisement is different so unique skills and thoughts go into each new ad that is ever made. A company cannot be so multi-tasking that it will handle production as well as advertising of a product.

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Sometimes companies need expertise and professionals to create a masterpiece for their product. That is when advertisement agencies come into the play. The agencies consist of professionals and experts on advertising. They help get to the roots of product and come up with ideas which are best for that products. Once the idea is finalized they work on the implementation of the idea, development of an ad, budgeting, representation and pretty much handle all the affairs related to the ad campaign. These agencies have really changed the game in the advertising world.

Marketing is the largest and most important part of the business. Advertising is just a part of the marketing process.

Marketing has evolved and come a long way. The basic concept of marketing does not focus on selling the products or making more money for the organization. Marketing is a more involved and wholesome process which focuses on customer satisfaction because it considers that satisfaction of customers will ultimately help realize the organizational goals as well. This view is all rounded.

Marketing includes a bunch of steps that need to be completed. Overall known as 8 Ps of the marketing mix are quite essential to marketing. a person must start with the product, what product he wants to produce and then research about it as much as he can. The demand of the product, the age-group of people, the mindset of people, the market of the commodity, the general pricing and profit percentage of the commodity are some of the preliminary questions to be researched thoroughly when it comes to market. After that, you must decide what will be the price of your own product, which group of society will be able to afford that price, how much profit will you make etc.

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A product does not sell itself it requires a lot of effort, advertising and promoting to get a product name up and running and that is the next step. Promoting the product, first, you will have to figure out your distribution channels and places where the product will be conveniently available. Then you can get started on promotion. You can give free samples, give an extra percentage off on a certain amount, you can increase the quantity of product and let the price be the same.

There are a million ways to promote your product to the public in this day and age. There is television, internet, social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. People with small businesses would see a major difference if they tried this process.

Then there are other steps, like taking feedback, customer service, maintain the quality of your product etc., these processes are as much important as the first four. The importance of these processes has increased in past few years because companies believe that a satisfied customer would definitely shop again and recommend it to his friends and family, ultimately increasing the customers for the company and its products. These processes make one company very different than the other company. It makes a company stand out and be better than the rest of them. It makes customers feel valued.

After that, an outlook on the marketing laws and why are they made? Their purpose and function. How to work with them?

How do they help save consumer rights? How they stop fraud and stop getting customers victimized? Why are they necessary?

And other important questions related to marketing ethics and laws.

The laws are specially made so that no customer ever gets conned by false representation or deceived by misleading promotion technique. No misleading or false content can be shown, no false facts can be shown, everything that features in an ad must be true and have some sort of evidence.

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Celebrities who endorse products must try the products themselves first or they cannot endorse them. The spam emails have protocols one must follow, telemarketing has strict regulations, ensuring the security of the buyers. Privacy concerns and sensitive information that buyers provide must remain private and not leak to anywhere through the seller.

Complaints can be registered almost 24/7 and companies work really hard to provide you with the best service they can and if they are not then there is always consumer court which was specially made for this purpose. They serve the right judgment over companies and protect the basic rights of an average buyer.

Overall a detailed perspective of advertising sector of business, its functioning, techniques, strategies, agencies, working method and general details that one must have if they ever wanted to enter the field. With a thorough explanation of marketing, its basic components, the whole modern process of marketing, decision making and the research that should be done. The concept of marketing and customer welfare and the laws to protect the right of innocent. The marketing world can really get out of hand without some regulations and some controlling power upon it and that is why almost every country in this world has a set of laws when it comes to marketing. so that the business can prosper and so can the consumers in a shared safe space and goals of the institution can be achieved, the success can be achieved while focusing on the satisfaction of the customers which is the most important part of any business organisation only next to profit which every firm needs to survive in the market.

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