The field of science is pretty vast, and it is a complete blend of many different concepts. Out of many important concepts and topics, the concept of chemistry is one of the most basic, crucial and integral parts of science. Chemistry deals with all the different properties, structures as well as the constituents of substances of matter. On the other hand, chemistry also deals with many other different forms of matter. The concept of chemistry is divided into two different categories. The basic chemistry and the modern Chemistry, however, there is a lot of difference between both of the forms of chemistry. Talking about basic chemistry, it is originated in ancient times, and many renowned scientists have contributed to the field of basic chemistry. All those famous scientists were also known as Alchemists. The basic chemistry is all about the basics of the subject, which means that basic chemistry teaches everything that is required to know about chemistry. All the basics of the subject can be learned by understanding basic chemistry.

However, all the basics were found and concluded only after a number of experiments. All these experiments are done as an objective to shed light on the procedure in which they really work. The various working processes of the experiments were necessary to know and understand.

On the other hand, modern chemistry started taking shape in the 17th century. The modern Chemistry was also responsible for providing various systematic and organized steps which were very helpful in order to gain knowledge. The knowledge is also about the matter which also plays a very important role in chemistry. There are various theories that were revealed and brought out with the help of modern Chemistry. All these different theories were also justified with the help of different experiments which were conducted in order to prove the various ways of the interaction of matter.

The main domain of the subject of chemistry involves the study and examining the process of its own structure, its properties as well as the composition of matter. There are many fundamental components that play a very vital role in chemistry. These are the matter, atoms, and the molecules and together all these three forms the basis of the chemistry. With the help of chemistry, a lot of answers to the toughest questions are provided. The total number of all the basic constituents that are present in the matter and the quantitative measurement is also rendered by chemistry. The constituents of matter such as atoms and molecules are very important in Chemistry, and they are also dependent on the mass of a particular matter given. So this theory is explained in an explicitly amazing way in chemistry. Although, in the basic chemistry and modern Chemistry, there have also been a lot of advancements that took place. Chemistry is very beneficial, and it has helped a number of scientist and engineers in order to harness energy and information about the existing sources of energy. Since energy is so much associated in the atoms and molecules, chemistry has helped the scientists to understand everything which is related to the energy of these atoms and molecules.

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In today’s world, there is a trend of preservation of food items.

This preservation of food helps the food items in order to keep them for a long duration. For example, the milk or the butter and many other food items are present in a market nowadays that can be easily preserved and used for many days. Millions of different chemicals are used by a variety of industries. These industries choose the various chemicals during the

manufacturing process of multiple products so that they can stay for a long time. There are a lot more products that are the great and ideal examples of chemical products. There are many items such as plastic bags, cell phone covers, pasteurized milk, the Steel items used for Constructions or the crackers that people burnt on different occasions, etc. All these items are the example of the products which uses many chemicals in order to keep them for a longer duration. Even, Chemistry has also helped the scientists to produce the entire process of photosynthesis. All these products are very important in the life of humans, and often people fail to understand the importance of these products. Many of the people are unaware of the different roles of science that is behind the manufacturing of the variety of products.

Chemistry is also the study of matter and the various properties of the matter, and it helps in answering a lot of questions. How the substances combine with each other and what is the reason behind this combination of substances? How can a substance separated from other substances? There are multiple questions which are associated with the matter and its properties. The chemistry also explains how the various substances interact with the energy that is present nearby them. There are many people who assumed that the chemists are the same people who wear the white coat in the laboratories and work. People often confused the work of Chemist with the work of scientists, and they make different assumptions. They also visualize that these chemists are working on different types of liquids and Chemicals and mixing them in order to create a chemical reaction in a laboratory. But the fact is that everyone in their real life is Chemists. There are various concepts in basic chemistry, and all these concepts are very important. All these concepts are not only vital for those who are involved in chemistry, but these are equally crucial for almost every profession. This is because of the fact that chemistry is the part of everything in the life of human beings and about the things, they are surrounded by, whether it is the subject and its components.

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It is also very important to have knowledge about the fact that every material that exists is made up of the matter. Whether it is the environment or the surroundings or even the body of any living organism. So, it can be stated that chemistry is involved in each and everything, whether it is a living thing or any work the humans do. The stage of growing food and cooking the food or the regular cleaning offer home, chemistry is present everywhere. Chemistry is a kind of Physical Sciences which is proven to be very beneficial in order to describe the world where everyone is living. However, chemistry is not just helpful in everything that humans do in this world, but it also plays a major role in launching space shuttles. So, the contribution of chemistry is also very helpful for humans to reach to the outer world.

Science is vast, and so is the chemistry. Just like science which is a complete blend of a variety of topics and branches, chemistry is also the same. Science has different branches and alike that the chemistry also has different branches. All the different categories of chemistry are very important, and these many fields make a great impact in the life of every living organism. With the help of chemistry and the Chemicals, many improvements can be seen in a number of products that are used in day-to-day life. Whether it is about the food to eat or the clothes to wear or it is about building a house, chemistry has been extremely beneficial. It is one of the best ways to protect the environment, and it is also very useful for the research of new energy sources. However, at the same time, it is very necessary to understand, have the knowledge and be aware of the fact that overuse of chemistry chemicals can be harmful. So, it is better if everything is used in a proper manner without any expectation. In this way, chemistry can never harm the environment, and it will be extremely beneficial for a better future.

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There are five main branches of chemistry which are organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, physical chemistry, and analytical chemistry. All these five forms all branches of chemistry are very helpful.

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