Artificial intelligence has almost taken over the world of advertising. This dominance of artificial intelligence in advertising is not limited to any particular level. The transformation of the advertising industry by artificial intelligence is present at each and every level possible. Artificial intelligence has been able to reduce human involvement in the creation of ads and targeting. Audience targeting, ad creation, and ad-buying have become precisely more efficient with the help of artificial intelligence.

There are many use cases of artificial intelligence that could be defined. Advertising is one of these major use cases. An example of such a use case is machine learning. Machine learning is a core technology of artificial intelligence. It has constantly been used in major advertising platforms. The basic use of machine learning is to determine the probability of a person clicking on advertisements shown on any digital media platform. Artificial intelligence goes many times further than this in providing creative ways for brands to enhance their reach among potential customers. Brands have started to increasingly use commercially available artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence usage by brands is mainly targeted towards identifying and segmenting their audience and building creative ads. Brands are even able to intelligently test the performance of their advertisement and then automatically adjust by optimizing their activities on a real-time basis and even creating benefits of economies of scale. This kind of usage of artificial intelligence has its own implications. It has an implication on the brand’s competitive advantage. The brands that use digital advertising at an extensive scale are able to create better market space for themselves as compared to those who do not. Another implication is on the career of marketers who create ad campaigns. The planning and running of ad campaigns are done by proficient marketers and when artificial intelligence takes up their jobs, it becomes difficult for them to compete.

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