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Introduction of artificial intelligence in the world of advertising has changed a lot of things. The advertisers are now able to get better profit and reduced costs because of the introduction of artificial intelligence. Technologies that have been advanced by artificial intelligence have sped up the game of advertising and have somewhat increased the competition also. The changes that have occurred in the advertising industry because of the use of artificial intelligence in ads creation are not limited to any specific level but rather are spread over all the levels that are possible in Advertising and Marketing. There has been a considerable reduction in the use of human labor as a major of the work could be done with the use of artificial intelligence technologies in less time and at a greater scale. Many of the tasks that were performed by humans and technologists are now being transferred to artificial intelligence. All the tasks from the creation of ads and buying and targeting were all done by humans, and their efforts, which are no more needed as the result generated by artificial intelligence are better in all respects.

The use cases of artificial intelligence, such as machine learning, help in technological improvements as previous data could be used for the enhancement of artificial intelligence programs in the future. The advertisers are able to increase the number of clicks on the advertisements as a number of fraudulent ads and unnecessary ones are eradicated by the help of artificial intelligence. With the improvement in the number of clicks, it becomes easier for the marketers and advertisers to reach the correct audience in lesser time. Due to these advantages and benefits, even the smallest of the brands are using artificial intelligence in order to increase their customer reach.

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Many famous brands such as Google, Amazon, etc. are creating artificial intelligence that is able to learn from the search results of consumers and then recommend the best possible alternatives for them. Google designed a filtering algorithm that is able to provide the best recommendations according to the user intent. The content creation has become much easier and the work of journalists has been reduced due to the machine learning process. Programmatic ad buying has been introduced by many brands in order to increase the User experience and enhance their sales. Brands are trying to understand the user intent with the help of Artificial Intelligence and then create ads that are personalized and customized as the consumers tend to be attracted towards them.

New virtual assistant technologies such as Alexa and Siri are being introduced to help browsers in finding better results with speech recognition features. Along with all these benefits and uses of artificial intelligence, one must also understand that it helps in reducing the problems associated with the digital advertising industry. The digital advertising industry is not perfect and is affected by small and big problems every now and then. Some of these problems are the fraudulent ads that are created by scammers and repeated advertisements that show up on the screens while browsing. Creation of personalized ads that could relate to the user intent is also a difficult process and needs to be corrected. Artificial intelligence is able to solve all these problems very appropriately. Artificial intelligence reduces the non-human traffic that is generated by fraud. The irrelevant machine-generated programmatic ads are also eliminated with the help of artificial intelligence, which reduces the number of ads that pop up on the screen and enhance the user experience. Artificial intelligence is also capable of generating individual-centric ads that are best to attract potential customers even by keeping the provision of cost-saving intact. Artificial intelligence also increases the revenues generated by the advertisers and publishers as they can generate more profits and reduced costs and increase their customer base. The publishers are able to segregate from the good and the bad as that affects the publicity of the promotional platforms. The consumers have also benefited from the introduction of artificial intelligence as they can reap the benefits of reduced costs that are transferred to them in the form of reduced prices by the brands. Artificial intelligence has helped each and every participant in the advertising industry at each and every level. The best part of the introduction of artificial intelligence into the advertising industry is the improvements in user experience along with the reduced cost for all the participants.

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