Neville Goddard was a fervent believer in the power of imagination to bring dreams to life. People frequently draw inspiration from their surroundings, believing that this is true; yet, vision comes first. Human beings are thus repeatedly recreating their history by focussing on tangible things. Human life itself is a creation of the human mind.

From the mid-thirties until he died in 1972, Neville Goddard preached from the perspective of God, insisting that the Bible is indeed a divine narrative scripted to exchange information with the ordinary people and to communicate it in metaphors that are spoken from the heart. It was not a popular or commonly accepted view during that age. However, since his thoughts were revolutionary in so many dimensions, most people decided to adopt his maxims.

Neville epitomized the lucidity and innovative thought process of other individuals of the contemporary era with his self-awareness in the domain of metaphysics.