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The election of Donald Trump as the President of the United States took the world by surprise. The Presidential win of Donald Trump will remain as one of the most dominant features of the economy of the world that happened in 2016 and will continue to embark itself in the global market for next series of years. Until now, the stocks of the United States are soaring and setting records. The other global markets and economies are taking their lows in the economy to the rallies as the global investors have been selling bonds and buying stocks in their belief that the pro-business administration of Donald Trump will help them in tax cuts, stimulate the fiscal policy and the deregulation to inflame the inflation and economic growth in the largest economy of the World. Such headwinds are expected to continue in 2017 at least not the ones which are highly elevated by means of political expectations which imply that this is the biggest risk in the world about facing stocks. However, this would also yield higher returns that will inhibit multiple expansion of the economy and the strengthening of the USD which would lay the importance on corporate earnings or guidance. With the Presidential election of Donald Trump, the world can expect more stock availability in the global market on an assumption that the President continues to use his Twitter account!

Depending on the structuring of the new infrastructure in the United States and the infrastructure of the investments and considering the fact that spending could serve as a boon to the global growth and development, one can consider buying items at lowered interest rates. However, these decisions will be made on the economics as well as the political fundamentals. The struggle for power between the White House and the

Republican leaders on Capitol Hill will be the guide to the flow of economy as it will form the determining force whether the traditional visions of the Republican leaders for tax cuts and small government will win over the populist impulses of Donald Trump.

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