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In today’s high paced world where things are rapidly changing and one technology is beating another, companies are also in the race of getting better than each other. In such a situation the professional life and the personal life of the individuals all the employees is mixed and nowadays people do not have time for their personal life. For any individual, it is important to work, but at the same time, it is equally important to have a personal time in which the individuals can spend time with their family and friends. Due to the rising competition among different companies, the employees are getting higher workload and as a result, most of the employees are stressed out. It is significant to understand the importance of a work-life balance of an individual or an employee so that, it does not affect the mental and Physical health of the employees of a company.

With the help of work-life balance, people will attain better Physical health and mental stability and will be capable of giving equal time to the professional and personal life.

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