What exactly is happiness? The majority of people experience happiness at some point in time as an overwhelming feeling of thrills, pleasure, excitement, well-being, comfort, or achievement that can make an individual feel fantastic and urge to celebrate. Although this explanation appears to be straightforward yet it is not. Several individuals mistakenly believe that happiness entails the absence of negative feelings, which is not the case. The moments when people are upset or depressed are among the most significant periods in human life. Emotions are an aspect of human personality. They’re a crucial component of what makes individuals human. They shouldn’t, however, immobilize people or make them feel guilty just because they possess them. Happiness does not imply being fully devoid of negativity or experiencing only joy all through. It’s about striking a balance and allowing oneself to feel emotions without being dominated by them. People frequently believe that success and happiness go side by side and that to be successful and happy, they must repeat the identical things that make others successful and contented. It, however, is a myth. Happiness does not always equate to success. Did people know that several highly successful people faced great challenges before accomplishing their goals and that several of them are still striving to be satisfied with their achievements?