Has anyone ever pondered where his ideas and viewpoints on a specific issue come from?
Well, it’s not because of the scenario itself, but because of the emotion the situation surfaces. People may not have seen a link between one and the other because the circumstance is mostly governed by reasoning, and emotion is based on human feelings. Yet individual cognition and emotion are inseparably connected. All subsequent encounters, experiences, connections, and setbacks are directly shaped and affected by the emotions one generates from one’s life events.
The strength of emotion has long been outshined by the power of thought alone, and it is past time for anyone to recognize the direct link between thought and emotion to rechannel the emotion-based thinking to maximize the real potential in health, wealth, interactions, career, and everything else that composes life as one knows it. People will be able to properly evaluate themselves, modify their perspective, and travel and achieve on the best road for them as individuals if they develop a deeper understanding of their emotions.