About this Book

America, the super power of the world, is quiet a fascinating country for many. The cultural and ethnic diversity that it has is worth appreciation. It just doesn’t make sense that how this country carries so much diversity. How so many people did even started to live together when they had such different backgrounds in the first place? If you have all these questions in your mind then this book is just meant for you. You will get all your answers here. The things that we have mentioned here are:
The pre-columbian time period
All about the colonial period
What were the colonies that were present
How did these colonies even form
All about the events that happened in the eighteenth century
The formation of the American republic Initial years of the republic
How it evolved with time
Events that happened during the nineteenth century
The progressive era of the United States All that happened during the 20th century
How the tragedy of 9/11 happened
What were the consequences of this tragedy
The great recession period and its effect on the overall economy
Recent events of the 21st century

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