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The war is always a negative entity that is associated with a lot of bloodsheds, a lot of loss of lives and destruction of infrastructure. Wars have always led the civilizations to go back by several centuries. The children become orphans, the country becomes bankrupt and the whole scenario changes from a happy one to a highly depressed one. This depression is just not mental it is also economic and financial because it drains the people and their country of all the resources. That being said, the war is also the bugle of the much-anticipated change.

It is said that it is only after the destruction that the new creation happens and this appears to be true when you look at the US Civil War. This war was fought between the residents of the same country for the sake of the freedom of a section of the society that they lived in. This issue was that of slavery of the African American people who had no rights in the society. The freemen of the land joined hands with their African American fellows and fought a war with other freemen who were against the abolition of this age old tradition. On one side there was a consideration for the human rights of the fellow humans who were just being enslaved due to their skin color while on the other hand, the so-called masters of these slaves did not want to give up on them for the sake of the economy of the land. This war is known to have been fought not just between two governments but also between the people who had known each other since their birth such as the neighbors for a long time, the brothers, family members who fought from the opposite sides for the sake of their belief.

The war that lasted for three years saw many drastic changes in the American society. The oppression that was widely accepted and was a way of living for most of the Americans including the Supreme Court who ruled in the favor of the tradition of slavery suddenly became something that was unacceptable and was viewed with criticism by one and all. The torch bearer of this whole change including the war was the then 16th President of the US Abraham Lincoln.

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