Understand ProbabilityThis booklet will teach you everything you need to know about probability in order to use it to your advantage. We shall start by exploring the very theory of probability and, later on, we shall discuss about the important role it plays in the fields of mathematics and science. Of course, we cannot even begin to think about probability without also considering the statistics and the inductive inferences. Therefore, we shall also approach these matters.

Our booklet will take you on a journey that will underline the connection between Logic and Probability. Logic plays a big role in understanding the principles of probability. We are not all great mathematicians, but we have broken down the principles of probability into tiny bits, so that we can be sure all of our readers will benefit from reading our book.
Probabilistic models usually imply a generous amount of knowledge of the dialect of science. Which is why, rather than depending on the conventional “hypothesis – confirmation” design, we built up the material in a natural – yet at the same time thorough and scientifically exact way. Besides, while the applications are different and clear, we underline the fundamental ideas and approaches that are generally materialized.

Read this guide to uncover the mysteries of probability and learn how to apply them in your line of work, your studies and even your day-to-day activities, in order to get more things done and to fully benefit from your work.


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