The Law of Transmutation occurs almost everywhere, and perpetually governs the universe. It allows the changes in the universe to continue to happen and prevent stagnation. This allows progression and continued succession. Energy in the universe is being transformed constantly and will continue to change. Nothing will stay in its original form and would be constantly undergoing the process of transmutation. Energy from the environment continuously flows and undergoes transmutation. Even people undergo this transmutation. Nothing and no one is capable of escaping its grasps. Instead, one should utilize it to their fullest ability and use it to change their direction and enhance their situation.
Humans are special beings with the consciousness that allows them to utilize, see, and observe the Law of Transmutation. People are the only beings in existence with consciousness. In a sense, people are the universe made conscious and capable of seeing its path and shaping everything in it. Humans can utilize the Law of Transmutation to their own desires. They can utilize it by directing the changes in the energy to their own benefits. With it, they can utilize the energy and resources already present in the universe and carve its shape and form whatever they want. This has permitted them to move mountains, shape the rivers, and do many more things that other beings could not even comprehend. Humans are very special and powerful because of this.