People feel limitless joy while just making things all perfect. The job is great when everything is on the right track. One’s sales targets are attained, children are occupied and satisfied, and everything seems fine in the world. However, the pain creeps up when things take a U-turn; perhaps one’s sales messages stop pouring, the relations go bad to worse, or something goes wrong in the rising social status. Suddenly, people are found facing challenges in life, struggling to settle scores as quickly as possible.

But always fighting through is not the solution. When it feels like all the positive vibes have gone, people have two options. The first alternative is to allow the focus to remain fixed to the defined goal. People should do everything they can and push through the hard times. They must endure and concentrate on nothing except to get golden times back. Of course, things could turn around, but one should enjoy the struggle because if one is driven by fear, there is no excitement in life. As with the onrushing sea tide, trying to defend against the flow is the worst thing one can do. When obstacles are thrown in people’s direction, the second option they have is to realize that the Universe is dragging energy back for a meaningful purpose. The smartest thing people can do is accept the truth and ignore the pain, knowing that all will be fine again shortly as per the Law of Rhythm.