The law of relativity was put forth by Albert Einstein.
The theory is made up of two parts: the Special Theory of Relativity, which he published in 1905, and the General Theory of Relativity which was published in 1916.
According to Einstein, the law of relativity states that all of motion must be relatively defined, taking a frame of reference.
This shows that space and time are relative rather than just an absolute concept.
In the theories put forth by Einstein, he talks about the presence of black holes, gravitational waves, and the possibility of time travel.
He talks about how the world came into being and what role the Big Bang had in it.
His laws of relativity revolutionized physics completely.
The law of relativity is a revolutionary theory that has changed how physics looks today.
The law of relativity was published by Albert Einstein.
The law is divided into two theories.
The first theory is special relativity which was formulated and published in 1905.
It took Einstein over a decade to publish the general theory of relativity.
Einstein’s studies correlate with work done by Galileo and Newton.
However, his ground-breaking theories are solely responsible for identifying some of the physics most devastating consequences, which are still followed to date.
The theory of special relativity talks about objects in uniform motion.
The theory quite essentially explains the relationship between time and space.
This theory has two main postulates by which it functions.
This is the principle of invariant light and the principle of relativity.