In his theory of general relativity, Einstein speculates the presence of time travel and the existence of wormholes. This, however, is not possible in the world we know today, but if there are some unforeseen circumstances, there are chances these events may come to fruition. He also talks about the presence of black holes long before anyone was aware of its existence. This theory, put forth by Einstein, portrays the best methods to predict gravitational interactions. Like with everything, there are some drawbacks to this theory. One of the most prominent is scientists’ inability to develop quantum theories that can help explore this theory fully.

Humans have used Einstein’s law of relativity to produce electronic gadgets, separate gold from other metals, find out about the origination of fossils, used it to generate electricity, and most importantly, set up a global positioning system (GPS). Most of our day to day products are obtained from manufacturing processes. Manufacturing wouldn’t be possible if Einstein’s law of relativity didn’t exist. In simple words, Einstein is one of the reasons for humans enjoying a luxurious life.