Being in love entails wishing for the loved ones’ happiness, respecting them for who they are, and feeling motivated to improve self temperament. When people are in love, they are inclined to be empathetic, generous, and compassionate to someone they care about. When people are in love with somebody, they have an intense, almost incomprehensible longing for that individual.
In truth, being “in love” generally implies a constant craving for someone: people can’t stop thinking about them, and they yearn to spend quality time with them.
When people are doing with love, they’re only interested in the positive parts of the bonding and avoid unpleasant aspects. Those individuals don’t address their loved ones or don’t deal with them in an impolite manner. That’s what it’s like to do with love.
Unless someone is not sure of the details to be in love vs. loving someone else, they should keep reading to find out what it actually means being and doing with love.