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Game of Thrones is the most watched TV series ever. The international fan base includes commoners, young, old and the former US President Barack Obama. It premiered on HBO in April 2011 and will conclude with its eighth season in April 2019.
Production Cost
With a 5 star rating in IMDb and 47 Emmy awards, there is no question about the quality of the series. The series is very well produced and has a highly talented and expensive cast. An enormous amount of money has been spent on many battle scenes. The official figures tell that on an average $6 million is the production cost per episode, with one special episode costing up to $8 million. For a season having 10 episodes, the cost is close to $70 million.
How does HBO make money?
HBO is both the producer and distributor of the series. HBO is always known for making high-quality programs that hook the viewers to the television.