There is a difference between thinking and worrying. Thinking about the need for a healthy diet to avoid lifestyle diseases is good. But baseless cancer scare due to past family history only invites stress. It is good to get a regular checkup, but no can prevent illness like cancer, so what is the point of ruining current life by thinking what may happen in a distant future? It is not like overthinking will prevent the illness.

Future is uncertain. Past will not change due to the current action. It is only present that matters. But only children live in the present. For a kid, nothing is more important than playing and having fun. Kids do not care about good school; they are happy if they have a friend to play with. Kid life is a fun life; everyone changes once one step into adult life. Worry about things that are happening, worry about things that are going to happen. Stress kills people like cancer does. Stress is no less worrying matter. Stress enters life silently and then creates havoc. It shakes the basic existence.

There are many types of stresses. According to psychologists, there are three most common types of stress. Acute stress, chronic stress and distant stress are the most well-known form of stress. Nature of different types of stress is not the same. But every type of stress can lead to depression; it goes unnoticed.

It is not easy to diagnose stress. A common feeling is, adults have so many worries, and they cannot avoid thinking. True, adults cannot stop thinking. But stress and thinking are not the same. Most middle-class families face a financial problem, and the head of the family feels most pressure in these situations. Pressure due to not being able to fulfill family needs, the head of the family may start to eat more or less than normal. Or take up drinking, stay out of the house more than usual. Change of habits is the most common sign of living under stress. If a family member starts to talk less, spend more hours alone in a room, then other family members should communicate with the person. Talking can help and sometimes solves the problem. But even if just talking cannot solve the problem talking will still let the person know that someone will always be there for support and comfort.

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However, friends and family cannot cure every stress. Some people may need to talk to a professional to feel better. There is no shame in talking to a therapist. Even the strongest cookie can crumble under pressure. Talking to a therapist is not a sign of weakness. Actually, it shows one accepted the problem and now looking for a cure. Mental illness is an illness like physical illness. There is no shame in going to the doctor. Medicines are there to cure.

Life has so many issues. It is not easy to avoid stress. Worry will always be there. Poor people believe people with money do not have problems. That is not right. Someone with money stresses about losing money, health and feels sad after realizing one day they will no longer be able to enjoy the good things that they own now. They also get tensed about matters that they cannot control with money.

However, a simple trick can change the way one lives life. The trick is, do not ever overthink and become stressful. One needs years of practice to live a Zen life. But it is achievable. A minimalistic lifestyle can lead to a stress-free life.

Why stress is bad? Overthinking causes stress. Overthinking disturb sleep pattern, some start to drink more. Blood pressure goes up, and stroke, heart attacks are common among high blood pressure patients. A young person can die just like that due to sudden stroke or heart attack. These incidents can shorten a promising life. A person who lives a happy life has less chances of dying from a stroke. This is why one should manage stress, if possible, avoid stress. Not many understand, but stress lowers the longevity of lives. Stress puts pressure on the brain and it is hard to take the right decision under stress.

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Adults need to protect themselves from stress. Stress is no less dangerous than terminal cancer!

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