“It’s not enough to embrace the future. You have to be able to see how its going to work. Much of this book gets involved with new and likely emerging trends in business practices that will define business for the next generation. Politically and technologically business is undergoing a huge shift in best practices and mindset. This is hands down the best book I’ve read which captures emerging techniques for dealing with these changes. This is the kind of book that lets you know its time to throw older business management books away.” – Amazon.com review

Groundbreaking business training compiled in a single audiobook.

Standard business schools and programs ignore the fast-paced change in the business landscape today. They waste your time with anachronistic concepts that will only confuse you and slow you down when you try to apply them in real life.

MBA 2.0 contains 38 topics you won’t learn in business school. It is drawn from research into how business is conducted today and how it will be conducted in the future. It won’t waste your time with outdated theories and models, but instead it brings you powerful ideas and techniques that you can use today.

MBA 2.0 will teach you:

  • Workplace psychology
  • Cultivating entrepreneurial spirit
  • Building and sustaining motivation
  • Time management strategies
  • Personal development techniques
  • The psychological underpinnings of human capital management
  • Career development strategies
  • Dealing with and positively utilizing failure
  • How to move ideas from the drawing board to reality
  • How business has changed and how it will continue to develop in the future
  • Various case studies that examine successful business adaptations
  • An outline of the emerging new paradigm of business behavior
  •  A rundown of the qualities in the new leadership model
  • An introduction to strategic thinking in a business and market context
  • An introduction to the changes occurring in the field of marketing
  • An analysis of the social media customer and how to appeal to this new target
  • How to be an effective salesman in the digital world
  • An introduction to budgeting
  • What is disruptive innovation and how you can use it to your advantage
  • A guide for how to cultivate a culture of constant innovation
  • The challenge of becoming a truly innovative company
  • Issues and opportunities associated with hyper-connectivity
  • Noticing the change and seizing it using weak signals
  • Becoming the source of the change and sending your own weak signals
  • The importance of perpetual learning and strategies for achieving it
  • How to effectively leverage new technology to drive sales
  • A rundown of potential issues facing businesses in the future
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