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When one comes across the word “Learn” the first thought that crosses the mind is the ability to observe, understand and draw inferences from any news, event, situation or activity and store it mentally and use it to resolve problems arising out of similar situations or experiences. For instance, when learning to drive one is taught the basic functions and usage of accelerator, clutch and brake and as one starts driving, one begins to learn when to use which of the 3 either alone or in combination. So as one comes across situations such as say traffic jams then one applies the learning that has been mentally noted in the past to navigate smoothly through a traffic jam. In due course of time, as one starts to gain expertise, one becomes adept at applying learning when confronted with situations. This process of drawing from previous experience and mapping it to present scenario and deciding the action to be taken happens in fraction of seconds. This whole process happens inadvertently and is called learning.