Law of Miracles suggests that an individual can expect to encounter one-in-a-million experiences (known as “miracles”) at a rate of around one per month.
Professor John Edensor Littlewood of Cambridge University had introduced the law, which was included in his book, namely, A Mathematician’s Miscellany, a 1986 anthology of his work.
It aims to discredit one aspect of alleged supernatural perception. Also, it is related to the more basic law of genuinely large numbers. The Law of Miracles states that with a big enough sample size, anything absurd (about a single sample probability model) can probably happen.
John Littlewood was an eminent mathematician best known for framing the Littlewoods Law of Miracles concept. His specific theory is that people see, feel and hear things at a rate of one per second when alert. Besides, they are actively involved in routine activities, which are around eight hours each day.