Even stronger than the Law of Attraction, a law governs the conscious formation of reality. It is the Law of Inspired Action. It opens a secret that is virtually not a secret. Human beings are acting at the peak point of all material things. It is the level of spirit when one uses the Law of Inspired Action. This supreme level governs all other levels. People are not trying to create anything when they use this superior law. They are rather letting the universe create things through them. Individuals are simply collaborating with God to create something new. According to the Law of Inspired Action, God is the one who is operating through men. As a result, there is nothing left for men to do but to let almighty do everything through his devotees. It does not mean. However, people should refrain from taking action; it just implies they should not do those actions that their inner self does not drive. Individuals are pushing action when they try to do things that do not have inspirational traits. Non-doing action is the path of inspired action. It is allowing oneself to do such things that one wants to do with an open mind.