The exterior world reflects the inner self. The life experience is only a mirror of human attitude. It indicates that if people want to be happy, they must mirror it within themselves. A cheerful attitude, for instance, will help them perform better in any segment of their life.
The outer environment reflects people’s inner world and correlates to the prevailing thought patterns. It is a remarkable concept. It explains most of life’s pleasure and misery, victory and defeat, greatness, and meanness.
After years of research, scholars are still in awe of this solid universal law. One may consider it in every sense! The exterior world reflects the interior world. Nothing can happen in the long run unless this divine power is connected to something within oneself. Individuals must first transform the inner compartments of their thought process if they wish to improve anything in their life. But, until then, the most important challenge is just to be honest and acknowledge the self ability to cause change on the inside and the outside.