Everyone tries to find happiness throughout their entire life, but sometimes, people don’t really understand the concept of happiness and what it feels like. Human psychology is critical and out of the grasp of human knowledge, but it can be said that happiness is a psychological condition of well-being that a person can feel when something good happens in their life. There is no exact definition of happiness, as for every person, the meaning of happiness is different. Somehow, society has set some bars and definitions of happiness that people try to chase or achieve. Still, if it can be seen from a large perspective, it is understandable that the feeling of happiness does not depend on those bars. It is an emotional state when a person can feel joy, satisfaction, fulfillment, or contentment. People often try to achieve happiness through different paths but forget to feel the emotion while going along the path. According to Lord Buddha, ” There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path”. It is true enough as happiness is when people can feel different emotions such as joy, satisfaction, or stability while going along the path.