Silicon Valley is situated in Northern California and the unofficial capital of IT world. The most significant technology businesses made their headquarters at the San Francisco Bay Area. Genius innovators of past and present are the resident workers of this “mother-board area” of IT businesses. This is the place where ideas take shape. Since biggest of technology brands made their headquarters here, it is little surprising that almost a million IT graduates from all over the world work at this place.

Silicon Valley is the place where the best minds of Information Technology dream to work; this place is heaven for genius innovators. Billion dollar deals are very common here.

Hypothetically Silicon Valley has various meanings today; the actual Silicon Valley refers to the geographic location of the place where everything first started. But any location that boosts more than one IT company, thousands of employees are seen as “Silicon Valley” of that local area. Silicon Valley is hugely significant because of its contribution to the economy.

Nerds, intellectual, geeks, students from all over the world visit this part of Northern California every year to see what Silicon Valley work culture really is.


Silicon Valley or SV is situated in the San Francisco Bay area. This is a gifted place. Resources are unlimited; weather stays pleasant for the most part of the year with the picture-perfect landscape. There are universities around this area. The graduates needed good jobs. Genius minds could foresee the potential of northern California. They understood with right planning this place will attract big companies. Northern California is a type of locality where big brands want to invest big money. This was the basic idea behind starting Silicon Valley.

Don Hoefler is the first person who used the term Silicon Valley way back in 1971. The term appeared on the popular newspaper Electronic news. Silicon Valley term found popularity almost immediately and by 1980 half the population of this world knew the term. The IT population started to understand that most new computer software ideas generated in the heads of Silicon Valley workers. IBM PC played a huge part in making Silicon Valley the premier destination for IT businesses.

Silicon Valley was first started for research purposes; the locality hosts well-known universities. US Department of defense spent steady money on this project. Stanford University also played a key role.

New software and hardware are getting discovered every month. Most of these new computer updates are generating in Silicon Valley offices. But it is not like all these companies started their headquarters at once there.

First came one company, and then came the other. Companies like Apple, Oracle started their business from Silicon Valley in the 1980s. These two brands became the biggest companies on earth. Apple showed the path. Steve Jobs was the pioneer and then came Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel and all the other big entrepreneurs of the modern era.

PayPal, eBay, Twitter, Facebook all these companies started their brand right at Silicon Valley. This place changes the way people use the internet, computer, gave birth to social media.

The above-mentioned companies literally dictate the entire world of internet so that no one can deny the importance of Silicon Valley now. There is no shortage of investors in this area.

The most talked about company of 2018/2019 Tesla is also from Silicon Valley. Any important discussion of the tech world today cannot be done without the mention of Silicon Valley.

The growth started right from 1980 and SV is still growing. Every year some more IT companies are starting their venture from Silicon Valley. Not all of them become as famous as Apple or Twitter, but all of them are paying high salaries to IT graduates from all over the world. This place is contributing to the economy and building the future.

In the beginning, the property around San Francisco Bay area was not that expensive like it is now. It was easy for companies to buy lands and set up the factory. The history of Silicon Valley is actually an interesting story. Apple started its business as an ordinary company, no one at that time thought that Apple as a company will rewrite the history of computer and technology.

What is Silicon Valley really? It is basically a place built by the people with the most advanced mind. These people invented the World Wide Web; they built the computers that we use in our homes today. These people created software that replaced human workers. Mark Zuckerberg the most successful man under 40 started his career right at this place. He also studied here; he is a product of Silicon Valley.

But however no matter how dreamy the story of Silicon Valley appears it was neither easy nor without controversy. There are many stories floating around the internet about Silicon Valley that questions the truths behind all the success stories. The place creates billions of dollars, and not everything is black and white. There are stories of backstabbing; there are stories of idea stealing associated with this place. There are many people who times and again accused SV billionaires that they stole their ideas and made it their own success story. Elon Musk, another Silicon Valley billionaire recently tweeted this, “Used to live in Silicon Valley, now I live in Silicone Valley.” So the controversies and success follow SV back to back.

But no matter how many negative stories generate from Silicon Valley no one can deny that this is a place where many dreams came true and in future, more budding tech geniuses will make this place their home, they will find their success right at the Bay area. They will employ people all over the world; they will make the world a better place. SV is the place which will give birth to next-generation computer.

Silicon Valley is a pop culture phenomena and HBO even made a successful show based on this place.

SV is like a real-life version of “El Dorado” for the world of technology. This is a place of a dream come true with a touch of mystery. Researchers are still not sure how SV became what it is today and no other place on planet earth could replicate the same success.

Chapter 1: History Of Silicon Valley

It is hard to imagine lives today without the gadgets and technology, and most of these gadgets were born in Silicon Valley. SV is enriching human lives everywhere. So when did this revolution start?

Silicon Valley refers to the place Santa Clara Valley in Northern California. This place is famous for silicon transistor, the main material for cheap and effective computer chips.

The area where Silicon Valley started was the land where fruits grew. David Starr Jordan, President of Stanford University first came here to work on Lee deForrest’s audion tube. He invested $500 for the project, that amount was huge for that era. Mr. DeForrest’s invention of the Vacuum tube in the year 1906 was seen as the start of new age Silicon Valley movement.

However, it is Frederick Terman who many refer to as the “Father Of Silicon Valley.” He was an electrical engineer professor at Stanford University. He was not just a teacher. He taught his students a valuable lesson. He wanted his students to work on their dreams, venture into own businesses, innovate something rather than just work for companies and earn a salary. He asked the students to start working for local companies; he wanted them to learn firsthand. He wanted his students to learn from practical experiences, rather than just reading the textbooks. Many believe that Terman’s way of thinking gave birth to future Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

The universities and free-thinking professors are the reason why US defense authorities decided to spend on Silicon Valley projects. The Stanford Research Center was innovating new things in technology and those innovations were creating a positive impact on the lives of American people. Terman was head of this research work, he not only encouraged his students to work on innovating things but he also encouraged famous Scientists to come in that areas and do research. He wanted investors; he wanted Engineers from all over the US to come and research at Stanford.

Stanford was a powerful person and he had the ability to convince people. By the year 1953 companies like Lockheed and Hewlett-Packard came to the Bay area and decided to make the place their main headquarter. These companies were ready to invest big bucks. They knew they will get resources and the students of Stanford University will work for them in near future.

This northern California found more mainstream popularity in 1956 when William Shockley won the Nobel Prize for co-inventing Transistor. A transistor needs a switch, so do computers. Shockley decided to set up Shockley Semiconductor Laboratories near Paolo Alto. Engineers started working for his company.

But in 1957 some of the engineers working for his company decided to leave and innovate something of their own, they invested their own money for the venture. These engineers wanted to build transistors made out of Silicon; they wanted transistors to be cheap so middle-class Americans can also purchase the exciting device. They went ahead with their plan and started a company with the name Fairchild Semiconductor. The company started to develop circuits from silicon, useable for both computers and translators. The chips they made for computers made the device smaller than the previous versions. This silicon chips were cheaper and easier to make, companies developed huge interest on these chips, and they wanted more. Developers understood silicon chips can make computers cheaper and common citizens can finally purchase them. The Silicon made chips changed the world of computer and the place that made first silicon chips got the name “Silicon Valley.”

The history of Silicon Valley is not too old. After all computer and internet became part of the day to day lives the only a couple of decades ago. But the contribution of Silicon Valley cannot be denied, an ordinary landscape known for fruit farming became the place that changed the way people use the internet. Students from middle-class families will forever be grateful to some “nerds” who decided to change the world of technology.

There are many people, who were big contributors behind SV’s success, but Frederick Terman was most significant, he is the person who first had the idea behind Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley creates money, and since the beginning played a big part in the American economy. American Presidents always spoke highly about SV and time to time they invited masterminds from SV for dinner at White House.

Even though there were some dark clouds, some unwanted criticism, overall Silicon Valley has a glorious history to look back to.

Chapter 2: Silicon Valley Offices And Information Technology Jobs

Silicon Valley was the vision of a professor who wanted to make computer chips with cheap material like Silicon. His students were his artists who gave him dreams of shapes. Terman saw the dream, he worked hard to fulfill his dream, brilliant minds believed in his dream, they joined him, worked towards building better computer technology and their work is still going on. Geeks and nerds are excited; they are saving money to spend on the new inventions coming from SV.

Silicon Valley is a modern myth and most of the stories associated with the place are only half true. The real facts of the Silicon Valley computer revolution are rather simple. No miracle story here, success happened due to hard works of some brilliant minds.

Palo Alto is the “capital” of Silicon Valley. Mark Zuckerberg started his career in Palo Alto and he still lives here. Mark is the main brain behind Facebook, a social media platform used by billions of people from all over the world. Every day more and more people are joining Facebook. These days one can also talk to their friends and family using Facebook. So Facebook is no longer just for posting pictures. It is also for communicating. Facebook messenger gives people an opportunity to make international calls for free. The power of Facebook is bigger than intellectuals care to admit. Mark Zuckerberg is one of the catalysts of Silicon Valley’s significance. But he is not alone; some other geniuses also made SV their ground for success, literally.

A recent report on social media started with saying that to understand social media first everyone will need to learn about Silicon Valley. After knowing the list of office headquarters that are currently situated in Silicon Valley one will easily understand why that report started with that statement.

When one connects to the internet, open the chosen browser the first thing they observe is Google. From searching recipe to finding home remedies for diseases, Google searches are being used for almost everything. Google main workplace is set in Silicon Valley. Larry Page and Sergey Brin are masterminds behind Google and both these gentlemen were students of Stanford University. Google headquarters in California is a tourist attraction. Top IT students are working for Google and they receive an average salary of $93777 every year. The lucrative salary is not all; employees of Google Silicon Valley office are also receivers of various amazing sparks. However getting a job at Google SV office is no less achievement than going to the moon, only the very best get to work here. Google believes in equal opportunity, members of both sexes work here, employees come from various part of the world, like Asia and Europe.

Going back to Zuckerberg, he started Facebook with some friends; now Facebook boosts thousands of employees. Facebook does not pay any less than Google to its employees. The company provides great sparks to its workers.

eBay: The most popular E-commerce store Ebay headquarter is also in Silicon Valley. Though eBay pays almost same as the other big companies, it is easier to get a job there. Students come to see Ebay headquarter in Hamilton San Jose, California. These visitors can learn about eBay history and also purchase T-shirts and other merchandise from the headquarter store.

Netflix: The most popular streaming service in the world has the main office in Silicon Valley. Netflix campus is not for everyone and only trainees and employees can walk around the campus. But visitors are allowed to take pictures of the campus. Software engineers are hired by Netflix frequently; they also hire public relation students for customer care services. Netflix issues huge paychecks to its employees every year. Since Netflix business is growing, their employee numbers are also growing. The best part of working Netflix is probably getting their service for free.

Yahoo: After Google, Yahoo is the second most popular search engine on the internet. Yahoo headquarter is situated in Sunnyvale, California. Yahoo hires software engineers, customer care associates, writers. They offer lucrative salary package. They are very secretive about headquarter activities. Only employees and trainees can go inside the campus, the visitors are allowed to take pictures of the office from a distance.

Apple: The ultimate hang out place for tech geniuses and students is also known as Apple store headquarter. Information technology students dream of working at the Apple store. A senior employee at the Apple store can earn up to $82,470 a year. Apple also hires customer care executive; these executives earn up to $15 per hour.

Apple store at Silicon Valley is an awesome place to visit. Many TV shows mentioned the store; it is now regarded as an iconic destination of California. Visitors can buy Apple logo T-shirts, mugs and other things from the store. However, there is a funny fact about Apple store headquarter in California that it does not offer genius bar tech support. To get that users have to visit one of their regular stores.

Intel: The friendliest headquarter of Silicon Valley. Visitors can learn all about company’s history, and can also purchase branded merchandise from there.

Intel is known for paying its worker’s very high salary packages and there are many other sparks. Intel hiring process is very tough, and they hire employees only from recognized universities. But a good software engineer student from any part of the world can work for Intel; they are a firm believer in equal opportunity. Intel plans to hire a lot more employees in the coming years.

Intel offers interactive exhibits for the visitors and students from various universities in the USA take part in these interactive exhibits to learn more about the company.

Apart from these IT companies, there are also companies like Wells Fargo, Visa that have headquarters in Silicon Valley.

These companies invested billions of dollars on Silicon Valley companies and this year more companies will join them.

Chapter 3: Contribution to the American economy and Supporting youth

The average people think that the California economy is highly dependent on Hollywood and its stars. Hollywood actors and actresses are the most glamorous residents of California. But they could not be more wrong about this. The actual big players of California are not film stars but the CEOs of Silicon Valley companies. Even Hollywood stars chase them. Hollywood stars are mostly millionaires, but Silicon Valley CEOs are billionaires. These brands which earn billions of profit every year and they are very generous with tax paying also. According to a report medical research, physic researches are highly dependent on Silicon Valley companies’ generous taxes. Silicon Valley’s tax pay is more than some countries’ entire earning for a year. This is no made up fact, it is true. Portugal, Greece, and Finland as countries earn less than Silicon Valley.

California was behind New York before the existence of Silicon Valley, New York economy is still greater than California overall economy. But Palo Alto has most billionaire residents. From 2016 to 2018, Silicon Valley residents paid $1000 million on taxes on average every year. These tax money helps the less developed the areas of California. Healthcare is the biggest beneficiary of Silicon Valley tax fund.

Car, credit card, computer software, social media Silicon Valley has it all. The revenue just doesn’t stop coming. There are other communities that also produce various things, but Silicon Valley invents things that have worldwide subscribers. Be it a teenager or an office goer everyone wants to get hold of the latest iPhone that just came out on the market. Apple products have demand all over the world. Very few inventions coming from Silicon Valley offices found no takers. California and other parts of the world sell the products Apple make and earn huge revenues. Apple alone contributes a lot to the economy.

Not just the products that Silicon Valley brands make are contributing to the economy. Silicon Valley offers the best job, best location, it is near Hollywood and, so lots of glamour, the real estate business is booming in this area. Millionaires from all over the world are buying properties in this area; they are ready to shed a couple of million dollars to live near Silicon Valley. Real Estate business is booming there. Everything around Silicon Valley starts with millions of dollars at least. American government depends a lot. Silicon Valley may have some bad years in terms of profit, but the area still contributed a huge amount of money to the American economy.

The Silicon Valley is contributing millions of dollars to the American economy. But not everyone is a fan. There are some experts who are saying that so much dependence on millionaires is never a good idea. Experts want future governor of California to stop the state’s dependency on the residents of Palo Alto. If that happens, then it will be great for the state of California, but it will be hard to downsize the contrition of Silicon Valley in California’s economy. Apple and Facebook CEOs take pride in calling themselves citizens who like to give it back to society. Mark Zuckerberg is helping underprivileged via his Chan Zuckerberg initiative. Silicon Valley always associated themselves with various charities, they supported the youth of America. In recent years the charities they support ran into controversies, but that is not going to stop them from helping people in the future.

So in some ways or others, Silicon Valley will keep contributing to the world economy, California may become less dependent on Silicon Valley, but the world can always use their generous contribution.

Chapter 4: Silicon Valley Controversy

Success also gives birth to various controversies. Silicon Valley is also no different, even after achieving unheard of success and contributing a lot towards US economy the place failed to avoid big scandals. What many people do not know is that even though most companies which invested billions of dollars earned back more than what they initially invested, there are also examples of huge failures. One cannot invest thousand dollars and dream of a startup in Silicon Valley; the investing amount was always at least a couple of million dollars. One person cannot invest so much money; it is always a group of people who decide to start a new brand new company at SV. When they fail to make it big there, they start to reveal the dark side of SV. These people talk to media; they reveal things that most big company heads do not want common people to know. But it is not just failed investors who bring scandals for Silicon Valley. Most recently the most prized residents of Silicon Valley Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk were under scrutiny. While Musk made some not so great comments on social media, Zuckerberg was under fire Facebook security breach.

Emily Chang wrote the most controversial book on Silicon Valley, she named her book, “Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys’ Club of Silicon Valley.” In her book, she did not go soft and she exposed how toxic Silicon Valley really is. Her book was both best seller and controversial. Some believed she might have made up some stories while there are others who thought she wrote the truth.

Apparently the people who invest big money on Silicon Valley believe the theory of work hard and then party harder. A person like Elon Musk does not even try to hide his party boy image. In her book, Chang talked about colorful parties that had an adult theme. But those parties are not the most shocking part. After all most wealthy men love to party after a day of hard work. Then Hollywood is nearby, so there is no shortage of glamour either. The shocking most reveal was the fact that Chang stated there are very few women worker at Silicon Valley. Most companies who set up their headquarters there claim they believe in equal opportunity, but Chang said the man to woman worker ratio is not good at all. For every 100 men worker, there are two women at most. But when these men arranged parties, they invited many women from outside the world of Silicon Valley. This kind of revealing stories shocked the readers. Chang made it clear that even though men of SV were incredibly disciplined when it comes to their work, they showed less ethics with the parties they arranged. Most of the guests at these parties were not even known to the host.

Even though these kinds of facts shocked the fans who were expecting that life of Silicon Valley workers are dull and boring, they work all day, and then they live family lives, these stories are not totally unheard of, most wealthy men live lives like that. Silicon Valley spearheads are not even millionaires they are billionaires. So they will have fun in ways they want to.

Chang wrote more unsettling stories; she mentioned that she got a rude shock when she first entered Bay area. She was hoping she will only meet billionaire investors and tech workers; there will be brilliant women in the 20s hanging out at cafes. But instead she saw middle-aged drunk guys and they did not look like investors or genius techies.

Chang’s book exposed the controversial personal life of billionaire investors of Silicon Valley. The professional controversies were known by all. Media loves focusing big on every controversy surrounding Silicon Valley investors. In 2017 Mark Zuckerberg was in big trouble and he had to sit in front of the jury to testify. Facebook data leak was the biggest story of last year. Millions of users were affected and they felt Mark’s social media cheated them. They wrote down the personal information as they believed Facebook was totally safe. Mark tried to clarify that he was also shocked by the data leak; he and his team did not expect this. But Mark did promise that his team is working towards better Facebook safety and this will never happen again. However, Mark’s statement failed to make an impact on some users. There were social media trends on delete Facebook page. Some very well-known celebrities talked against Facebook and they took a stand by deleting their Facebook accounts. Facebook stock price started to go down and for a while, it looked like Zuckerberg is in serious trouble. But he was able to change his status again, more users are joining Facebook and the stock price went up again. Even Yahoo finance suggested that it is time to purchase Facebook stocks again.

2017 was not great for Silicon Valley. Not only Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook were under scrutiny, but in January thousands of Google employees decided to come out on the street to protest against President Trump’s immigration ban. Google, as mentioned earlier, was always a place for equal opportunity; the immigration ban was against their policy, so the workers came out in support of their fellow workers who came to the US for work. These general workers of Silicon Valley came out to support immigrants and gained respect. In fact, according to some experts, the common workers can change the way people look at Silicon Valley these days. These workers are all highly educated; they are bringing good name for the companies they work for. Google CEO, Facebook founder were all in trouble recently; their controversial decisions created negativity among the general public. These CEOs are also under fire for hiring more white workers; a recent survey was revealed some problematic facts. According to the survey Silicon Valley white workers earn more than Latino workers, and they are not happy about facing the discrimination. According to unconfirmed sources, Latino workers earn 70 percent less than white workers. There is also news that these Latino workers who are now residents of this area do not get all the privileges that white American residents get. The same report went further and showed some statics that proves that white residents of Silicon Valley are earning more than other race people living there. These people are stuck there and they have no way out. They are still getting only minimum wage laborer jobs mostly. The report focused on how these people are not living a glamorous lifestyle like the white privileged residents of California. The wealth gap is huge between white Americans and other race people. These people are not protesting or coming out with their stories yet, but they may do that soon, and if they do so then Silicon Valley will face even more unwanted controversy.

Roger McNamee, very famous tech investors recently told something even more disturbing, he said that the most famous icons of Silicon Valley, the once who are known as the cult leaders of the place are bringing shame for the place. He was talking about Elon Musk, Elon recently wrote some disturbing tweets and the result was Tesla stock price fall. McNamee invested money in both Facebook and Google. He knows the inside details. He told it is becoming frustrating for the investors these days, the founders want all the power and they do not like listen to investors’ advice. This is why multiple investors are getting out. He may be right, as in recent times most big companies from Silicon Valley saw their stock prices falling down. These CEOs are very one dimensional, they believe what they believe, they will accept big investment from almost anyone without checking their background, but they will not hear any new ideas from the people who are investing big money on their brand. This old way of thinking is creating conflict and some potential investors are already backing out. So it is not just other residents that are having issues in Silicon Valley. The big investors are also trying to get out as the founders of the company never listen to what they have to say.

Personal lives drama, relationship with women, Hollywood, investors backing out, backstage drama all are putting Silicon Valley’s future in the dark cloud. Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook’s hometown is still the highest tax paying neighborhood in the USA. But experts are not sure how long Silicon Valley will be able to maintain its status. If the big investors back out then brands will face some issues, there is no immediate danger of that happening. But it can happen if CEOs failed to please the investors and allure new once.

Controversy will keep happening but there is hope of another Frederick Terman will come to the place and will teach the leaders basic discipline which made them billionaires in the first place. Right now most well-known companies of Silicon Valley are going through some changes. Tesla, Facebook are under scrutiny. Apple is also facing some issues due to stock price going up and down. But like Mark Zuckerberg, other companies are also working hard to solve all the issues and go back to glory days.

Actually, in millionaire world, no publicity is bad publicity and the recent controversies made more people aware of Silicon Valley companies, so it is possible that geniuses of Silicon Valley will use all the negative publicity for future gains.

Chapter 5: Future Of Silicon Valley

So far so good, but what future holds for the tech capital of the world? Will they continue to rule in next decade or they will lose past glory slowly? This is one answer entire tech world want to know, what is in future for Silicon Valley? Will they become bigger in next decade?

The big doubt is no matter how people look at Silicon Valley, no matter how many people currently believe Silicon Valley is a real place, the truth is Silicon Valley is still all about tech geniuses and the workers who help them. It is still not mainstream, common citizens use the products created by Silicon Valley, but they are not actually part of the secret tech world. According to a recent report published on a popular daily Silicon Valley has an uncertain future ahead. A reporter who took a recent tour of Silicon Valley said it is not as great as it was once. The place is getting dirtier and the initial glamour is kind of lost.

The first real technology company in Silicon Valley started to make cheap radios from Silicon, and then some workers got the idea of doing the same thing for a computer. Silicon Valley had real work culture and that is why brands that established their headquarters there found success. In 1973 when a reporter took a tour of the place he described the experience as taking a walk through the electronic jungle. He mentioned the place has nothing to offer to people who have no interest in technology. This may not sound too encouraging or dreamy in books, but hardcore work culture was the main reason behind every revolution that took place in SV. Over the years things changed and Silicon Valley residents developed an interest for the world of glamour. Actors and actresses always had interest in millionaires, so they are also enthusiastic about mixing with the tech world of Silicon Valley. These days the founders of most brands spend less time in brainstorming ideas and more time attending glamorous parties. These founders are now living in highly controversial lives. Experts believe this is a bad sign for the future.

In past Stanford University graduates used to work in Silicon Valley offices, they were known as computer geeks. They had very little connection with the outside world. With time and more success, the outside world got to know about these geeks. Photographers started to take pictures of them doing day to day things. Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg are no less celebrity than any Hollywood star. These geeks are now magazine cover boys; general people know what is going on in their personal lives. They cannot hide anything anymore. This kind of lifestyle is hard to resist and it seems like the founders who once dedicated their lives for the advancement of computers and technology are now satisfied with where they are and their current lifestyles. They have already earned more money than some countries. They cannot ask for more. This is what puts the future of Silicon Valley under a dark cloud.

Experts believe the current craze of social media, Google or iPhone will one day die down. Success continues with constant renovation and right now not too many fresh ideas are happening in Silicon Valley. If this continues then, investors will lose interest on this place very soon. Then history will call the northern part of California, “ a place formerly known as Silicon Valley.”

But this may never happen, as information technology is going nowhere and who knows maybe there will be a new Silicon Valley brand which will bigger than even Google and Apple.


Every great invention and inventors had flaws. Even Einstein faced criticism in his lifetime. But with time people realized Einstein’s contribution to science and how his “not so orthodox” thinking changed the world. Normal thinking cannot create great things. Silicon Valley changed the way people use computers, the brands that set up companies there made computers accessible to children in thirds world countries. New invention made computers cheaper and easier for us. Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs were all rebels who refused to follow the rules and do ordinary jobs. They wanted to create their own brand. Of course, some of the decisions made by them were controversial, but their plans only took them ahead of the game. These above mentions names are important when it comes to Silicon Valley because they are the reason why the Bay area of Northern California is under the scrutiny of every Information Technology student in 2019.

Life without social media, life without mobile phones, and life without technology are unimaginable today. Irrespective of economic status men and women can afford devices that connect them to the entire world, they can be from Nepal, or they can be from Russia, the entire world’s population is connected via cheap and faster internet. Silicon Valley made internet and social media available for everyone. Modern life will forever be grateful to Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley residents pay the billions of taxes to US government every year. US economy is hugely dependent on the millionaire residents of Silicon Valley. The tax amount they pay is used for medical research purposes. Recently a report mentioned if the millionaire residents of Silicon Valley get some kind of contagious infection then entire country will get flu, as the flu vaccine will run out. This statement was written by one of the most popular websites on the internet. It clearly conveyed the importance of Silicon Valley taxpayers in the US economy.

Silicon Valley is entirely men created revolution. Some experts think this place is attracting millions of investors every year for various reasons. There are many places on earth which can provide what SV provides, material wise. But those places lack panache. Silicon Valley is situated near Los Angeles, a place where Hollywood stars live. Hollywood stars love millionaires as they can bring big money for the film and Television shows they produce. Hollywood stars are read

Technological innovation wise or contribution to the economy of the world-wise, in no way modern educated citizens can ignore Silicon Valley’s presence. The world will always be in awe of Silicon Valley. From the looks of it, it will take other places at least some more decades to catch up with the success of Silicon Valley.

Who knows by 2024 Elon Musk will be finally able to take fellow citizens to Mars. After all, he is working from Silicon Valley, a place where dreams do not remain just dreams, they happen in reality also.