Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon was quite curious and restless child as he went on to gain information about the UFOs. Gary McKinnon was born on 10th February 1996. Currently, he is working as a Scottish Systems Administrator as well as a reputed hacker. Gary was accused of committing the “largest military hacks of all the time in history” for which he was convicted in 2002. In his support, McKinnon claims that he did not have any ill intentions for doing the same. He was simply looking for some evidence of the free energy suppression along with a cover up for the UFO activity including even other technologies that could have been potentially useful for the public in general. On 16th October in 2012, after several legal proceedings in Britain, Theresa May who was the then Home Secretary has withdrawn her deportation to the US.

Alleged Crime

Gary McKinnon was responsible for hacking as many as 97 NASA and US military computers in over a period of 13 months between the duration of February 2001 and then March 2002. He did this all at his girlfriend’s aunt home in London. For doing the hacking activity, Gary had used the name ‘Solo’.

As per the claims of the United States authorities, Gary had deleted several confidential files from the operating systems. This resulted in shutting down of the network of the US Army’s Military District of Washington to as many as two thousand computers for around 24 hours. In addition to this, Gar McKinnon even posted a message on the website of the US military which stated that “Your Security is Crap”. After the attacks of September 11th in 2001; Gary even deleted the weapon logs that were present at the Earle Naval Weapons Station. He rendered the network of this system inoperable which consisted of around 300 computer systems. This activity also resulted in the paralyzing of the munitions supplies deliveries to the Atlantic Fleet of the US Army. Gary McKinnon was also responsible for copying account files, data, and several confidential passwords in his own computer system. The US authorities claimed that the overall cost of correcting the problems and the cost of tracking the information was over $700,000.

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McKinnon did not admit that the activity had constituted any particular proof of destruction. However, he did admit he was leaving a potential threat on a single computer. He was found giving his statement as “US foreign policy is akin to Government-sponsored terrorism these days. It was not a mistake that there was a huge security stand down on September 11 last year. I am SOLO. I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels”. In response to this, the US authorities had claimed that McKinnon had been trying to undermine his own actions. A senior military officer serving at the Pentagon had told in a statement to The Sunday Telegraph that the US policy is trying to the attacks to as much extent as possible. Due to the actions of McKinnon, the US administrations have suffered a serious form of damage. This cannot be considered to be some sort of harmless accident. Gary had done a very complex and deliberate amount of damage to the NASA computers and that of the US military as well. He even left petty and anti-America messages. Every evidence that was present had given the impression that someone was enacting a highly threatening attack on the system of the US computers.

Arrest and Legal Proceedings

McKinnon was first interviewed by the police on 19th March 2002. After this interview, his computer was seized by the police authorities. Again, he was interviewed on 8th August 2002. This time the interview took place by the NHTCU (National Hi-Tech Crime Unit) of the UK. It was in January 2010 that Mr. Justice Mitting had granted McKinnon a further judicial review in context with the decision of Alan Johnson who was the Home Secretary to allow the extradition of Gary McKinnon. On 20th July 2010, Tom Bradby who was the political editor of the ITN had raised the issue of Gary McKinnon with the US President Barack Obama and the Prime Minister David Cameron in a press conference held at a joint White House. This was responded to the fact that the authorities have discussed the issue and are working on it to find as ‘appropriate solution’ for the same.

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NASA Documents

A Freedom of Information Act was filed with NASA in 2006 to obtain all the documents with respect to Gary McKinnon. The documents of NASA consisted of several printed news articles from the site named Slashdot but had no other related documents. It was quite consistent for the employees of NASA to browse through the internet articles about Gary McKinnon. The records of such browsing activity are present in the public domain. The FOIA documents have been uploaded on the Internet for review and can also be downloaded by the Internet users.

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