Basic Knowledge of Conspiracy Theory

Now, as you have already had an introduction to what this conspiracy theory is actually linked to, it is a time that you get to know this concept a little better with some more information and deepness. As you already have read that conspiracy theory is something which we can be called as a concept that is related to the event which is not legal to be done but happened, as a result of some people who are involved in these activities. It is also said that the people who are found involved in these activities are mostly those evil ones which can also be called as the selfish group that are always ready to do harm to people out there. Though, not all of such events are wrong but those which turn out to be true even don’t have that proper explanation to how it happened. There are many of such theories which are being the part of conspiracies in this world and will be discussed later. Now, talking about which type of conspiracies are generally being spoken of the list is as given below:Types of Conspiracy theories:

1. When there is some agreement or deal about misleading or making people get defrauded so as to gain some profit out of it which is totally unfair, this type of conspiracy is generally termed as civil conspiracy.

2. When two or more parties sign an agreement or deal to commit some kind of crime in future which can be resulted as wring for the people around, this conspiracy is named as a criminal conspiracy. And to tell you more there is no limit about how many people can actually be involved in this activity.

3. When two or a group of people decide to gain a political power by altering or overthrowing some established political power that is already in action, this is generally known by the name of political conspiracy, also there are many of such conspiracies which are already brought into action in many of those previous years.

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4. When a group of conspirators, which can also be called as a hub enters into an agreement with other group of conspirators so as to perform those unlawful activities together, this conspiracy is generally termed as hub and spoke conspiracy. Also this is the one which normally consist of a hub that includes a purchase or a supplier in market, the spokes and the distributors involved in this matter of conspiracy.

According to the well-known scientist named as Michael Barkun, this theory is based upon the fact that universe in generally ruled by a design and three principles according to which, nothing in this world happens by an accident, nothing is as similar as it looks like and also everything which is happening in this world is inter connected. It is believed that these theories develop to incorporate all those evidences that work against their presence so that they can become Barkun writers which are generally considered as unfalsifiable that works on the matter of faith rather than that proof.

This conspiracy theory has also many of those different explanations as formulated by different group of people, according to which it can be termed as that powerful existence of evil forces or social groups including those entire psychological and social basis and origins.

History of conspiracy theory:

As you know that this theory is generally termed as an event or occurrence which take place between two different parties as a result of some agreement of preparing an activity that can turn out to be harmful or bad for people around, but there are many of such definitions which were generated by people in history such as:According to John Ayoto in 20th century this phrase was actually a neutral term that only developed a judgmental suggestion in the mid-1960s, indicating that the supporter of the theory has a suspicious tendency to visualize the impact of some powerful, nasty, secret agency in events.

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According to one of the professors in Florida State University named as Lance de Haven-Smith who wrote a of book Conspiracy Theory in America, conspiracy theory was organized in 1960s by the CIA to dishonor JFK elimination conspiracy theories.

According to one of the assistant professors in critical thinking, Robert Blaskiewicz at Stockton University such claims are been in existence since 1997. Blaskiewicz also investigated the use of this term and what he found was that it has always been a disapproving term, which is been used to designate “extreme hypothesis” and incredible speculation.

Well, there are many of such popular conspiracy theories related to different fields that still exist without any kind of proof and are been accepted by many of those people out there. You can now also find them being discussed everywhere on social media, in blogs and YouTube channels. Here are some of the scientific conspiracy theories that are been carried out in past few years, like:A plan according to which we all will be poisoned that is also been named as Codex Alimentarius.

About implanting RFID chips in humans, you must already know this if you have watched the movie Conspiracy theory starring Mel Gibson.

Lunar landing, which was believed to be known by the name of moon landing in late 60th and 70th century was then turned out to be a total hoax.

It is believed that AIDS was brought in existence by CIA i.e. central intelligence agency and then spreaded further by WHO via polio drops in Africa so as to reduce the world’s population.

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Earth is now in that state of getting melted down and climate engineers are doing whatever they can to hide this fact. Engineered snow storms made by toxic chemicals and metals are one of such activities that is being brought in action to hide the fact. There is believed to be very little water left on the planet.

A stargate program is being operated by a US Government.

There is a cure to cancer which actually exists but being blocked by the government officials.

The Earth is actually a hollow piece, containing a hole to the world that is located in the Arctic regions.

There are many things that scientists and politicians all over the world are trying to cover up such as AIDS is not caused due to HIV infection, autism is caused as a result of mercury that is been induced in vaccines and also the fact about cold fusion.

These were just those scientific conspiracies and also this was just that small part of whole list of them. Also there are many more linked to different fields that exist around the world and also been accepted by some of people due to the fact that there is no evidence to make them go false. Basically, you can say that everything you are linked to in this world has some one or more number of conspiracies flowing out.

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