In today’s fast-moving world, it is often mentioned that focus and concentration are the keys to productivity. But what actually focus and attention mean is a quite different and intriguing concept. Literally defining focus would lead to a definition stating that focus is directing one’s attention to something or someone. In scientific terminology focus can mean to adjust, to see something with clarity. Concentration is more or less a similar concept. It is the ability of a person to direct attention in a particular way. It is basically the control of attention. A person is concentrated when the brain works at the will of the person and not other distracting factors. The whole of the body’s energy is put at one work, and no other task is taken up at that time. The power to command the mind rests with the person.

Humans are blessed with the ability to think. These thinking skills of humans make them different from the other creatures inhabited in this world. Maintaining attention is a pretty difficult task. It demands constant effort and attempts. Completion of a task is possible only when the mind is focused and concentrated at one task only. The focus means when a person is able to perform something even in the midst of distractions and disturbances. Focus demands into ignoring other things. One option must be chosen over all others. FocThe focus to be given only to the things which matter.

Setbacks and failures are common the phenomena one’s life. But these setbacks can be avoided if a task is accomplished with complete concentration, as a concentrated task is a quality in nature. Sustaining the habit of focus in, in the long run, all the more difficult. Initiation of a thing is easy, but consistency is what reaps the rewards. Putting energy in the correct direction is of essential concern. This proper energy route can be achieved through focus and concentration. Reaching a goal in the prescribed time is what holds significance. In achieving this goal, absolute and undivided attention is required.

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ActThe act concentrating requires the elimination of all other tasks except to that is crucial to be performed at that point of time. Complete control over body sensations and thoughts are great constitutes of concentration. Mind explicitly focusses on one thought. Ignoring other things is incredibly essential. A “yes” to one thing and a “no” to all other is what is needed. Productivity can be improved by simply focussing on what requires the attention. Ability to accomplish a task expands exponentially when a person lends the complete attention of the mind to that task. Constant distractions make it highly challenging to maintain an undivided focus. This skill is tough to master. But once learned, a person can achieve anything in life. It deems training and practice. Not just in a short span but for long time periods.

There could be many reasons for not being able to focus properly. A person might be stressed or unhealthy which makes it difficult to concentrate on anything. External forces can also cause a lack of focus in a person. In the improper working environment of a person can lead to a reduced level of concentration and inability to pay attention to anything.

Poor focusing abilities can bring many problems with it. Stress is inevitable if the focusing ability is not proper. Incomplete tasks are a major source of stress for a person. It can also lead to low quality of work and slower speed.


Attention is the pervasiveness of awareness and acacknowledgmentFocus and concentration are different properties of attention. Concentration required energy and physical effort. Energy employed in concentrating flows towards the subject being concentrated. If the focus based on the decisions of a person. Concentration is not a choice. It is not related to any decision-making process. In concentrating a person need not select between “yes” or “no.” This choice is made when a person decides to focus. In concentration, physical efforts are made. There exist varying degrees of concentration. Focus takes the materialistic form with the concept of concentration.
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