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History can hardly be complete without talking about the role women played in forming the history of the world. They changed societies and beliefs, being the reason why empires toppled and rose to glory. There is hardly enough reason to believe that women were insignificant in a society because no matter how many wars men fought and the ways in which they built empires, women often played an extremely important part in many wars and the building of many civilizations.

Women were highly regarded in many ancient cultures. The history of woman describes their lives from early times to now. Reflecting the manner in which they lived and how they were treated. We will also shed light on women who were considered luminaries of their times and talk about the changes they brought in the society.

This book describes the role of women and their significance in different eras and regions of the world. The place they held in various cultures and how they influenced the growth or downfall of different civilizations and empires. For most of the world’s history, it was written primarily by men and it usually included an account of the activities of men in war, politics and diplomacy. Even traders were mainly men and women usually belonged in the background and hardly history did not account a lot of their works.

With the help of this book, you will be able to understand the significance of woman in history and how they led their lives in the past. Since history usually accounts for events that held great value, the presence of women in history is close to insignificant because they were usually seen in a sex-stereotyped form as wives, mothers, daughters and mistresses.


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