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Wall Street is a street comprising of eight blocks in the lower Manhattan region of New York City. It is the original home of the New York Stock Exchange and is known for being the headquarters to some of the most powerful U.S. brokerages and investment banks. The influence this street had on the world led to the eventual use of Wall Street as a metonym for the financial market of the US as a whole. The entire American financial services industry is recognized as Wall Street now even if the firms may not be physically located on the street.
With the presence of the Wall Street in New York City, the city has become the most economically powerful city of the world and is known to be the leading financial center of the world. The city also houses two of the largest and most renowned stock exchanges of the world – NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange.
Many tourists visit the street to witness the magnitude of its power as investment bankers, brokers and traders go about their business. The street is known to be very busy for most of the day with many tourists clicking pictures of the place to take home as memory.


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