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There are hundreds of words if not thousands which have been associated with ‘love’ and yet there is not a proper definition that can be formed. A dictionary could definitely finish describing it in a couple of lines but love is something which can have a book written on it and yet it may miss some points. Love can be said to be a diversity of states, attitudes and most importantly feeling which could be anything from affection to desire. It is an emotion which can be referred to as attraction and attachment to someone. It could take the form of a virtue such as being kind and generous. It could be affection for animals or humans. There could be hundreds of well-suited adjectives which have different meanings but refer to one word – love. The psychologists and sociologist have tried to build a theory around love. They have tried to explain everything about love. There are several theories which renowned people have formed. This eBook aims in explaining some of such theories which are accepted throughout the globe.


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