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When my daughter Milla got down from her school bus she just laid down on the sidewalk beside Sam, the neighbour kid. I had to convince her that you learn by doing and also that she was not not learning by letting someone else do her homework. Later I was informed she that the reason for her not to do her homework was simply a mental block that she developed with Math.

I told her math was a small step by step process and that taking each small step would lead to success, but that getting behind would result in a mental block. She said she had no idea how to subtract 60 from 80, but could easily subtract 6 from 8.I had to inform her that all she need to do was to do the operations with only 10 numbers that she needs to memorize instead of each and every single problems that she come across.

For an example, I emphasized her the simple process of subtracting 60 from 80 is actually 6 from 8, 0 from 0 and then getting 20 as two tens. The mental block was already in action, as was evident when I offered her a small calculator to help her learn math, it became apparent that she was confused as to which way to read numbers. For instance, she would read 56 as 65.

It was certainly not dyslexia for sure at this stage but an inferiority complex which compelled her to believe that she should know everything grownups does. I told her it is difficult to learn anything if you already know everything, as life is a learning process even for us grownups. I also pointed out to her that she did learn, as when she correctly answered 11 plus 4 as 15.

The praise was to encourage her not to give up in the face of defeat; it was to provide her with the confidence she can find the necessary steps to learn. Although some mistakes can unfortunately be fatal, I ensured her that those of us who learn from them expected to taste success. Life is also a learning process, as evident with a historical evolution of knowledge whereby we are either inclined to accept or deny the established theory according to faith or necessity. Some of us are more accepting; some of us insist on pursuing a rationally full understanding of the world in which we live.

Some of us know only what we have been told, while others of us challenge what we have been told for more understanding of it. The history of physics is a means of understanding its development as a step by step process. However, the history generally contains the language similar to that of spoken by mathematics and that is too foreign for some of us to understand.

It actually contains a multiple of languages, as different systems with different units of measurement. There are thus coulombs, ergs, farads, Newtons amperes and so on. There are even systems of dimensionless units, such as plank units. In the past physicists were known to have claimed a supercomputer was necessary to solve Einstein’s general field equations, but the programming of the computer is binary a two number system, whereby it is possible to relate the general field equations of general relativity as a step by step process, but the steps in this case are too numerous enough to fill volumes of scripts.

The math is used to describe several natural properties and math complexity also simplifies the tasks of experts in the field more knowledgeable of its usage, but higher math is not needed for a fundamental understanding of theory. A complete understanding of all this seems out of reach for anyone of us lacking in higher education, but Einstein suggested there is a simpler step for understanding relativity theory in the light of Pythagorean Theorem and it is given as : (C2 = A2 + B2).

An effort has thus been made to simplify all the mathematics in this script in order that it is not any more difficult to understand than is the Pythagorean Theorem, as with regard to simple algebra and geometry. Algebra is actually numerical math simplified. It should be taught early in school along with arithmetic. Its simplicity is with regard to such symbols as letters of the alphabet substituted for numbers.

For instance, in place of adding such numbers as 156 and 44 in the manner 156 + 44 = 200, chosen letters are substituted in the manner A + B = C. However, physics consists of multiple languages for various systems units and symbols. In this EPUB version, units are chosen as seconds, grams and centimeters. As for technique, A divided by B is presented as A/B, AB-1, or A ÷ B. Multiplication is AB or A × B. The power of exponential, as AAAA, is presented as A4.

And 3 × 3 × 3 = 33 = 27 can be represented as say C3, or the reciprocal 1/27 as C-3. Exponential powers along with subscripts for division and multiplication are presented in the manner (A1)2/(B2)2. Square roots are ?A for A and ?(A + B) for A + B.

As for geometrical verification of the Pythagorean Theorem, which Euclid is credited for proving it, it can be illustrated by circumscribing a bigger square around a smaller one whereby the side wise lengths of the larger square are A + B, such that its area is (A + B)2. The side wise lengths of the inner square are each C, which are also the lengths of 4 hypotenuses of right triangles circumscribing it as parts of the outer square.

The area enclosed by a right triangle with perpendicular sides A and B is ½ the area of a rectangle of sides A and B. By algebra, the area C2 is the area (A + B)2 minus the area of the four right triangles: (A + B)2 – 4[(½)AB] = A2 + 2AB + B2 – 2AB = C2.

It is assumed the reader knows basic algebra enough to apply the rules of substitution, subtracting, adding and equalities, and so on.


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