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The particular Watergate Scandal had begun during the morning of 17th June, 1972. This was the time when various burglars had been arrested in the respective office of the DNC (Democratic National Committee) that had been located at the Watergate Complex of the series building situated in Washington D.C. This scandal was considered to be no normal burglary. All of the prowlers had been connected to the re-election campaign of the President Richard Nixon. These burglars had been arrested stealing documents and wiretapping phones. The President Nixon had taken aggressive steps towards covering up the crime after the same happened. During the time of August in 1974, after the role of Nixon in the given conspiracy had been revealed, the President Nixon had resigned. The particular Watergate Scandal had changed the overall American politics drastically forever, which had led to several Americans towards questioning the potential leaders and think in a more critical manner about the given presidency.
As a result of this, the series of several events took place one after another that had resulted into the particular scandal getting more complicated. This incident or scandal was responsible for convulsing the entire Washington D.C. for the period of 2 years, which had led to the 1st resignation of the President of the United States and had changed the American politics forever. Finally, on 5th August, the President Nixon had released the respective recordings and tapes, which had provided undeniable proofs of his involvement in the given Watergate Scandal along with the crimes related to save his re-election campaign. In the face of around various impeachment by the Congress in the United States, the President Nixon had resigned in quite a disgrace on 8th August, and had left the respective office the day which followed after.
The Watergate Scandal had shaken the entire American politics and its famous leaders who were shook by the fact of the involvement of the concerned president in the given case.


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