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The Law of Polarity, in general terms, reflects the belief that everything is binary or dual. It says all elements, be living or non-living, have two poles and that everything has its reverse aspect. There are opposite sections, two dimensions, or two poles to all things, which are duly perceived or manifested.
The law of polarity is also applicable to human relations. Every human feeling and emotion has a dual aspect. If there is sorrow one day, there will also be joy on another day. Similarly, if one individual is over joyous due to some achievements, another person may be mourning the death of the nearest one.
However, as per scientific deductions, it is a condition or state of an atom or molecule having both positive and negative charges, particularly in terms of electrical or magnetic poles. Also, polarity refers to the physical properties of compounds or materials, such as melting points, boiling points, and solubility.


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