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In modern times, the U.S. labor market looks quite different from what it was two decades earlier. It has been impacted by extraordinary events such as the Great Recession, but also by a silent and gradual shift of mixing and venue of overall job opportunities. In the decade ahead, the next wave of automation technologies may accelerate the pace of change. Millions of jobs could be phased out even as new ones are created. More generally, as machine intelligence are necessities in the American workplace, the routine work responsibility can change for many others.
Till almost recently, most research, including the internal surveys, on the potential effects of automation has focused on the aftermath at the national scale. Surveyors’ previous works conducted numerous perspectives on adoption rates and scope of embracing machine learning and its applications. In the halfway mark, the survey framework shows that some jobs are virtually wiped out, but at the same time, enough stats are applied to generate net positive employment growth for the United States as a whole by 2030.


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